Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smaller jail, revamped funding recommended by consultant
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Focus of Lens story gets demolished
~Karen Gadbois

So Greg Meffert cuts this deal with Team Letten... ~slabbed

Hurricane Tomas lashing Haiti with torrential rains ~Wunderblog

Honoré focuses on Haiti~Sandy Davis

New Orleans, Netherlands, Fulbright, Miriam, Dry Feet, Droge Voeten, Blog
~Watershed NOLA

Making Plans; a Review of Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans~Frank Gruber
~Editilla Crowtellas~It is obvious that Urban Planners don't know shit from Shinola about Civil Engineering Failure and why New Orleans flooded on 8/29/05! They're first and apparently only concern is to justify their employment --even if it means misunderestimating the Twoof.

Corps to hold another PR-staged public meeting to discuss levee and floodwall remediation

Deepwater Doctor~Shelly Brown

Scientists find dead and dying coral covered with a brown substance 7 miles from BP oil spill site~Mark Schleifstein

About Oysters, Tidal Exchange, Fresh Water Diversions, and the BP Gusher in Barataria Basin and Breton Sound ~Quinta Scott
~Editilla Notellas~This is a dated post but still salient in its treatment of oyster production. We missed it then, but we got it now!

NOAA’s lead public affairs officer “demanded” website “withdraw its story” on Gulf~Florida Oil Spill Law

Corrosion Warnings at BP Facilities in Alaska: Here’s What the Data Means
~Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica

Burma's Checklist for a Bogus Election
~MAc McClelland

Sima Dives In ~dakinikat

War Paint~Kyle Cassidy
~Hat Tweet~ Does anyone know any veterans with tattoos? @ is going to be in NOLA photographing his War Paint project.

Hey Weekend, You are Looking Good
~Blackened Out

Does New Orleans only have 100 great restaurants? Well, here's the thing...
~Brett Anderson

New Orleans Coffee Festival
~2nd Annual New Orleans Coffee Festival Teams With Local Indie Novel: The Coffee Shop Chronicles Of New Orleans

2010 Mirliton Festival

Got an appetite for books? Head to the New Orleans Book Fair
~Now in its ninth year, the New Orleans Book Fair celebrates independent, alternative, regional and self-published books. It draws vendors from as far away as California and Connecticut.

Rosanne Cash, Composed
~Myllyrd Fyllmore

Help keep music alive at James Singleton Charter School! ~WWOZ

Jazz concert tonight at Tulane tonight, music of Monk and Harold Batiste
~Hat Tweet~

This one goes out to those victorious Republicans who shall remain nameless.
---Ok, a few names: Dickerhead, Handmaiden, Flipwad, Orange Julius, Asshat..
~Special Thanks~Veracity Stew


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