Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gear up for Mardi Gras 2011 with newest king cake trend: Baby cakes
~Judy Walker

~Editilla Crowtellas~This is my favorite video of all time right now!

Mardi Gras 2010 from Cottage Films on Vimeo.

~Special thanks~Humid Beings

Cuts are better than levy
~~Mitch Landrieu~If any community can understand what the people of Queensland are going through and the toll this will take on a nation, it is New Orleans.

Using the Lynx Mobile Mapper to Survey a Levee~American Surveyor

As Spending Cut, MS River Silts In

Streetcars should bypass Elysian Fields connection for now~Jeff Schwartz, guest Lens opinion writer and founding member of Transport for Nola

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Magnum’s Magnanimous Ministrant for Murphy the Mooch ~slabbed

Today, Feinberg Comes to Congress… while Gulf Coast and BP attorneys go to court~Disenfranchised Citizen

Report: Dispersant Chemicals Lingering in the Gulf~Kate Sheppard

Chevron selects KBR for designing Big Foot topsides

Gulf Saver Bag News~Watershed NOLA

Why I run the CCC: Running as a fleur-de-lis is for fun and civic pride
~Chris Wiseman

Peace Walk in Treme, 6PM

First Look: Mimi's~Blackened Out

Avenue Pub Named to Rate Beers Top 50 Best Beer Bars 2011 List
~The Beer Buddha

~Christopher Caldwell, Looka!

~“And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Sazerac!” #cocktailsonarrakis

WWL-TV: Gambit's 3-Day Weekend

Jimmy Messa: Interview With the Subdudes Bassist~GO NOLA

Poppa Neutrino, street musician and adventurer, dies at 77
~Poppa Neutrino remembered~Gambit

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