Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama slips on invisible oil, falls flat on his ass in SOTU ~Disenfranchised Citizen~Lame Duck Sitting POTUS forgets to mention BP Oil Spill or even the entire coast along that huge body of water between Florida and Texas.
~Editilla Brotellas~ We did our own title'in here with Drake Toulouse this time --hope he don't mind... help! I'm so pissed off at Barty Obama right now that I'd rather slam my penis in a car door and run naked through a snake farm than even see a picture of this Bobble Head Pres laughing at his own flaccid jokes --much less hear him asking American Citizens to bend over and furthermore take it from the Oil Industry writ large. You might say Editilla is caught speechless still this morning after His'O'ner promised not to come in our mouth last night...
--while he proceeded to do exactly that!

Local film fest kicks off
~Harry Shearer to attend showing! On Sunday at the Bayou Film Festival, organizers will host Harry Shearer, who has voiced a character on “The Simpsons” and is a “Saturday Night Live” alumnus.
“He’s coming to Lafayette to hang out with us,”
Mire said. “His film (‘The Big Uneasy’) is being shown the last day, because we’re in a partnership with AcA.”
See The Big Uneasy at Glasgow Film Theatre
~Jameson Dublin International Film Festival


Y--SELA - 24a, Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, South Claiborne Avenue Covered Canal, Phase 1, Monticello Avenue to Leonidas Street, Orleans Parish, LA.
~Also~Phylway Construction, LLC, Thibodaux, La., was awarded a $13,852,340 firm-fixed-price contract Jan. 21, 2011. The award will provide for the construction of a first enlargement of an existing levee at the Westwego to Harvey Canal Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System. Work will be performed in Harvey, Jefferson Parish, La., with an estimated completion date of Dec. 21, 2011. The bid was solicited through the Internet with seven bids received. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, New Orleans, La., is the contracting activity (W912P8-09-D-0046)

Scientists pitch coastal projects for Terrebonne, Lafourche~Nikki Buskey

Things might not be going along quite as swimmingly as we thought

Oil spill commission leaders to illustrate their total uselessness in testimony before Congress

Watchdog: Admin Ignored Scientists' Spill Report Recommendations
~Kate Sheapard, Mother Jones

First ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Dispersant Study: The Corexit “did NOT degrade” — “It didn’t go away”~Florida Oil Spill Law
~Yay! Mark Schleifstein of the Times-Picayune finally covered this story 11pm!

Junk mail about “heirloom garbage” –shirley not! ~slabbed

Jealousy In the Art World
~Wendy Rodrigue

Salty, buttery Duck Confit
~Georgia Pellegrini

The Beer Buddha Interviews: Lorin Gaudin

New Orleans Food Cooperative Social, Tour and Tasty Ball~Humid Beings

Get Your Pink On With The Pussyfooters ~NOLAFemmes

Purchase your tickets to this year's Hogs for the Cause today

Tonight: Best Coast, Wavves and No Joy
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Best of the Beat Awards to honor Dave Bartholomew, Alex Chilton

Quintron Announces New Album "Sucre Du Sauvage"

Happy 73rd Birthday Etta James!

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