Thursday, February 3, 2011

Army Corps of Engineers will resume some dredging of Mississippi River in coming weeks
~Editilla Ponderellas~We're sure the City Council put da fear'o'god in'em...

NOLA gets another chance to get water management right
~New Orleans City Business
~There has been no teacher better than Hurricane Katrina for New Orleans when it comes to an all-too-familiar lesson: When you want something done right, do it yourself. The good news stories from the recovery have come as a result of homegrown efforts -, Women of the Storm and Beacon of Hope just to name a few. Waiting for someone else’s solution or to be rescued were alternatives that simply weren’t palatable to the driving forces behind their respective missions.

Director struggles to recover seed money owed her for blight-to-gardens program~Ariela Cohen, The Lens

Judge Barbier Rules! Feinberg is not independent~Disenfranchised Citizen

Editilla gonna learn this song.

BP claims chief pledges to change claim process~Gerard Shields

Sam Rykels, Louisiana State Museum executive, resigns

His Majesty, King Sucrose

610 Stompers - Sweet 610 Debutante Ball~Humid Beings

Rattle Rattle, Here Come the Cattle*
~Blackened Out

Big Red Weekly Service Announcement - Two Second Line Parades, a Birthday Party, Footwork Contest, and Brass Band Shows Galore!

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