Saturday, February 5, 2011

Senor Vitter y Senor Stonecipher

Undercounted : My Take On The New Orleans Census ~Cliff's Crib

Census reveals devastating effect of Katrina on N.O.
~It prompted a Congressional review of the Corps of Engineers and the failure of portions of the federally built flood protection system which experts agree should have protected the city's inhabitants from Katrina's surge.

Transcript Reveals Judge Sympathetic to Concerns of Residents along 17th Street Canal

National Press Club Luncheon with Harry Shearer~Director of the award-winning documentary The Big Uneasy, Mr. Shearer will give a speech titled, "Media Myths - The need for proper focus in journalism," and discuss how persistent myths become embedded in the minds of editor and producers.

Water-business idea could earn you $50,000~Nikki Buskey

Grand Isle Businesses Battered by BP Oil Disaster~Rocky Kistner

Gulf of Mexico seafood sales get a boost from the military

Stepping back and looking in…what to do now?~Disenfranchised Citizen

U.S. to Feinberg: Loosen Purse Strings

Missing since October, essayist Chris Rose to return to WVUE-TV's newscast

Ray Nagin gets social (it seems) on Twitter and Facebook
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Dead Presidents~Sky Dancing

Katrina Federal Flood photo exhibit opens at Presbytere on Feb. 17 ~NOPA

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees says he's humbled by the 2011 Bart Starr award

At Super Bowl 2011, New Orleans host committee enjoys a solid week

The Redbeans Parade dates back to the year 1643 – when a Romanian ancestor of founder Devin Meyers first scribbled instructions for a “garb of legumes” that he hoped would be embraced by his posterity.
For ages, the note was hidden in an urn. Then one fateful Halloween, a certain redhead rediscovered the idea.

New Orleans: A place where you can perfect the gentle art of going nowhere

Mark Twain and the Fortune-Teller
~Adam Goodheart

The Carnival Festival Arrives In Latin America

Saturday music slabbed from last night

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