Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Media Operates in a “Culture of Impunity” says Harry Shearer
~At left~Sandy Rosenthal "standing the colors" at the National Press Club Luncheon, Washington DC.
~Editilla Goes To Washington

~Given that Harry's NPC Luncheon was the root of the entire reason I came to DC, we were also Blessed to catch The Big Uneasy with Harry and Engineer Maria Garzino doing Q & A! Not only that buuuut at the end we presented our 1st ever Editilla's Civil Engineering Brass Balls Award to Ms. Garzino for her role in the movie: Standing Up to the Corps of Engineers regarding worthless pumps they installed in New Orleans' 3 outfall canals after they flooded the city 8/29/05 -and thus suffering professional recriminations. It could be argued that Matt McBride, or Bob Bea should have gotten the 1st Award, but this is how the voting shook out in Editilla's excited mind. Aaaand we gonna get them boyz anyway don't'cha know.
To see the smile on Maria Garzino's face when she held up her Balls made this entire trip to our nation's Capital worthwhile for me. We will award more of these Brass Balls to Engineers, probably during the next Flood Anniversary.
Though not an Engineer, (and doesn't even play one on TV;) Harry Shearer also received his own pair of Brass Balls from Editilla ---in honor of his place as a linchpin in the entire narrative of our Kafkatrina Federal Flood Crime. His work on The Big Uneasy alone says indisputably that We Won't Back Down Don't Know How!
A Charter Member, advisor and supporter to and his relentless coverage of New Orleans' Flood on his Huffington Post blog have put Harry on the front lines of this Battle of New Orleans' Narrative.
Harry is my personal Herolero, on many levels, and an integral influence on the development of Your New Orleans Ladder.

Army Corps of Engineers' mission questioned by some House Republicans
~Bruce Alpert

US Army Corps of Engineers to inspect Miss. River levees twice a week because of rising water

New Orleans neighborhoods without grocers targeted by $14 million program

Louisiana pols fiddle with facts while Japan’s reactors burn
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Regents support SUNO, UNO union ~Jordan Bloom

New Orleans police vs. the Krewe of Eris was no Clash of the Titans
~James Gill

I’m the Engineer DING DING DING DING DING! ~slabbed

Crabbers distressed by what they're harvesting~John DeSantis

Well Ken, I suppose congratulations are in order?~Disenfranchised Citizen

Sen. Boxer promises quick action on bill to give Gulf states bulk of BP fines

Prepared to do a heckuva job
~Library Chronicles

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