Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yearlong Justice Department probe blisters NOPD for constitutional violations: Update
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NPC Luncheon with Harry Shearer (Video & Photos) and The Big Uneasy Q & A the following night!

~Above right: Harry addresses the National Press Club on the incongrooviencent state of News Media Myth Heads, to wit: the Editorial fetish for inaccurate narratives like say Katrina flooding New Orleans.
Harry and Maria Garzino, who's brave whistle-blow on the Corps figures solidly in the movie The Big Uneasy, answer audience questions in the packed Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland. Ahem, the latter is before I presented Ms. Garzino with our 1st Editilla's Civil Engineering Brass Balls Award, and Harry with an honorary pair for his place as a linchpin for getting our story straight, getting the Accurate Narrative to a national audience and keeping it there clearly.

Limbaugh’s clownish guess at Katrina costs no laughing matter
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Statistics Are The Enemy of The Status Quo~Cliff's Crib

BP protest organizers undaunted by low turnout
~John DeSantis
~SCHRIEVER — Grilling sausage and rib aromas wafted on a steady breeze, past parade-style barricades and over a wide alligator-inhabited ditch. Bright white tenting and a DJ’s gospel music added to perceptions of a church picnic rather than a promised protest.

New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival kicks off with world-premiere and gala

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