Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harry Shearer to launch Phase II in promotion of The Big Uneasy

Corps releases proposed plan for Plaquemines Parish levees

FEMA will start charging trailer dwellers $800 a month in May? Hola!
~Editilla tamps the lodge like a hungry beaver~ Really? You'd think that if these people could afford a nice apartment in New Orleans or a condo in Bay St. Louis they would right?

NOPD shuts down Iron Rail, Plan B and others in permit bust
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

~Editilla Crucifellas~ I would like to know if "all the artists upstairs" means the studio I had (where the poet Moose has since worked) at 511 Marigny for many years until the Kafkatrina Federal Flood of 8/29/05.
If so then New Orleans has been dealt a grievous blow indeed, a stab so deep that I am left with only 1 question: "Et tu, Mayor Mitch'mo?"
This is heinous on the scale of the Salem Witch Hunts or McCarthy era blacklists. For me such civic ass-hattery belongs in the covenants of Boca Raton or Baton Rouge ---not in this City of Living Metaphor, where a misunderestimation of Cliche' can get you killed and the 5th District will throw people in jail for marching on Goddamned Mardi Gras!

NOPD is reviewing arrests of 12 at Krewe of Eris parade Sunday night ~The Chicory

D.A. Cannizzaro fires back by releasing Judge White’s attendance record
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference~slabbed

Evaporating oil from BP spill likely posed a health threat, study says
~Mark Schleifstein

First installment of BP money for Louisiana tourism to be divided among all 64 parishes

Lawmakers push for extension of offshore drilling leases

State losing on natural gas tax exemption

The Thursday Think Tank - #39 Ghosts ~Poets United~Hat Tweet @NOLAFemmes

Mardi Gras 2011 ~Humid Beings
~ReTweet @ Big Queen Cherice~ RT @: Photos of Mardi Gras Indians fromTuesday's celebrations

L O L A, Lola~Blackened Out

Crawfish Boil 101: Expert boilers give you their advice~Judy Walker

How to Render and Use Wild Game Fat

~Georgia Pellegrini, American Hunter

Foburg Music Festival~Gambit

Dr. John sounds off on his early career, his induction and more~Keith Spera

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