Thursday, June 9, 2011

Corps of Engineers faces ‘accounting’ for MO River flooding~"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will publicly answer questions about the current flooding along the Missouri River," Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., assured reporters Wednesday. "It’s too soon to decide whether to hold formal congressional hearings on this issue or whether some other venue would work better," Thune said. “But there has to be an accounting for this,” he said. “We have to get some answers.”
~Editilla Co'tellas~ We wonder if SD will get an Investigation of their own Corps Disaster before New Orleans of 8/29/05? And for that matter, what happens when other states inevitably begin lining up to deal with what the Corps of Engineers has been doing in every one of their own their backyards?

After the Levee Breach, She Never Spoke

The Big Uneasy in Chicago
~Also this from the Chicago Reader

In Historic Flooding On Mississippi River, A Missed Opportunity To Rebuild Louisiana~Chris Kirkam

It’s time to rethink flood control, coastal scientist says~Nikki Buskey

New floodgate at Bush Canal will serve as data hub

Port of Gulfport receives $481M

Slain insurance investigators mourned

UMC Plans Face Serious Opposition as Vitter, Kennedy, and Tucker Pitch

The shocking reveal, sifting though the pieces of the broken prize
~Library Chronicles

Neighborhoods are dandy, but no reason to settle for the ‘official’ 73
~Keith G.C. Twitchell, The Lens

LA Senate approves transfer of UNO to University of La. system

Tammy Fox, who grew up racing horses in New Orleans, now hopes to win Belmont Stakes~Bob Fortus
~Hat Tweet @

Welcome to New Orleans Land
~The Chicory

Gettin' naked at the World Naked Bike Ride~Gambit

The Radiators' 33 year ride comes to an end~Keith Spera

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