Monday, June 6, 2011

St. Pierre Trial Wrap Up, Part II: The Zen of Turd Polisihing
~American Zombie

Hurricane preparedness meeting to be held in Covington
~At right: Hurricane Warning Flags. A hurricane warning (HWW) is issued when a hurricane with sustained winds of 74 mph (65 knots, 118 km/h) or higher is expected in a specified coastal area in 36 hours or less. When you see this pic here in the top right-side masthead it means there is a Hurricane in the Gulf.
It means Ladder Up. It means Time To Rock and Roll.

Army Corps works to rebuild reputation, capitalize on flooding ~John Snell
~"The main basin of the city would get some flooding," said Sandy Rosenthal, founder of the watchdog group, However, Rosenthal believes it would be "nothing like was seen during Katrina." Rosenthal takes issue with the public relations campaign, including her group's discovery last year of a lucrative Corps contract to pay an outsider P.R. firm $5 million over 3 years. "The idea of spending our taxpayer money for the Corps of Engineers to make itself look good after a spectacular failure before the whole world feels like a punch in the stomach," Rosenthal said.

Corps expects full breach of Missouri River levee

The Yazoo Backwater Area, the Steele Bayou Drainage Structure, and the Yazoo Pump~Quinta Scott

Sediment discussed, officials look to capitalize on flood~Also~Beginnings of algae blooms reported in Lake Pontchartrain

Walter Pierce on why no one is talking about using floodwater mud to help rebuild Louisiana's vanishing coastline

We're all stakeholders in coastal restoration~Bob Marshall

‘Don’t blame us,’ shrimpers say

~A consortium of environmental groups wants officials in Louisiana and other Gulf states to shut down their shrimp seasons until more information is available about spikes in the deaths of sea turtles, which they attribute to shrimp trawls.
~Hat Tweet @ John Amos~Scientific paper: body count may have severely underestimated whale, dolphin deaths due to BP -

Feinberg says no claims filed on cleanup illnesses?

Louisiana Lawmakers approve Arizona-style immigration bill

Chris Rose: Corporal Punishment

Video: Red Light Cameras Covered Up By Anarchists~Nola Anarcha
~Hat Tweet @ @

Are we having Monday yet? ~slabbed

New Orleans is top NFL hometown

Semi-Ho With Aunt Grandy ~moosedenied

Monday Reads~Sky Dancing

D-DAY Anniversary ~Thanks Katrina

Dome exterior lights to become permanent

"Beers Not Bullets" benefit for chef Nathanial Zimet~Gambit

Only in New Orleans: The 100 Essential Experiences~He Said/She Said NOLA

A Taste of Summer~Blackened Out

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