Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gaye Tuchman: Look behind language that attributes calamity to weather
~Also~Corps retrenches, alienates friends, in wake of Katrina/Federal Flood~Stuart Leavenworth

The Danziger Bridge and chaos theory ~Jarvis DeBerry

Tropical Storm Arlene--a heavy rainfall threat for Mexico~Wunderblog

Fading Footprint? The Fate of the State's Proposed University Medical Center Hospital is Now More Uncertain Than Ever~Brad Vogel

How Lessons From Toyota's Production Line Will Help Efficiently Rebuild New Orleans?
...or Tales from the Gripped

New Orleans cemetery blighted, tombstones covered in weeds

Dozens of U.S. cities are contesting 2010 census

BP exerts too much influence over oil spill cleanup, Louisiana official tells senators~Bruce Alpert

Official: BP cash under BP control
~Gerard Sheilds

~Also~Another feckless editorial from the Times-Picayune about Congress' --ie our 2 Oil Senators-- need to earmark BP Fines for wetlands.

Ken Feinberg defines “risk” and “leadership”~Disenfranchised Citizen
~Also~ McMoRan Exploration Co. Updates Gulf of Mexico Exploration & Development Activities

Court remands water wars to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Today Show features Atchafalaya Basin ~Gambit

New Orleans City Park covers appx 1300 acres, Central Park NYC: 850

Art By Martin ~Hat Tweet @

~Hat Tweet -RT @TheGreenProject~It's Wednesday! You know what that means... We're FREE today!! Come visit today & beat the heat. ( )

Lower 9 Equine ~Hat Tweet @

Sno Holds Barred: Sno-Ball Sellers Allege Manufacturer Used Organized Crime Tactics~Nola Defender

The Frog Pond Dish

Cooking With Wine~Blackened Out

Swoon is coming to New Orleans!

~Hat Tweet @humidbeings ~Editilla's House of Piety, is across the street!

dba bar owner Ray Deter in grave condition after being hit by car while riding his bicycle
~Hat Tweet @

Trombone Shorty: Pied piper of Treme

Impulss n' Bazooka Joe~OffBEAT

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