Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Edwin Edwards in talks for a reality show~Michelle Millhollon

CenLamar's must-read roll on Uncle Eddie's Irreality Tour

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Continental Casualty Company call Bull (Durham) on Magnum and his firm, files suit ~Slabbed

Pastors beseech Uptown: March against crime, or at least come outside
~Uptown Messenger

New Orleans inspector general posts own credit-card statements online

When it comes to weird and slippery, Weiner’s got nothing on Vitter
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Tropical Storm Arlene heads for eastern Mexico

Hurricane Katrina Returns To New Orleans To Apologize

A muddled world
~Wendy Rodrigue, Gambit

Reminder: Levees.org Releases Video of London Avenue Historic Plaque

Corps of Engineers' new PR Ad Words: Restore and Reset

Oil Slick at Platform 23051 Site, Gulf of Mexico ~SkyTruth

Dirt: The key to restoring wetlands, task force says~Houston Chronicle

Maps of sediment entering Gulf from Mississippi River floods, based on satellite images

New Orleans City Park welcomes new Big Lake enhancements, plans for more

"How I want to be in that number..." ~NOLA DEFENDER

FEMA Home-Raising Money Goes To Terrebonne

State Rep. Greg Cromer to discuss flood protection in Slidell

Our View: Right Now, The River Controls The Corps
~Yankton Press and Dakotan

Levee breach sends water into Sugar Lake, Mo.

Short Order Reviews~Blackened Out

"When the evening is over, it's over:" Coulis chef remembered
~And this from beerfooddude~Hat Tweet @skooks
~And this from Brett Anderson

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