Sunday, July 3, 2011

NASA and Slidell: A long marriage ending with final shuttle launch on Friday~Ramon Antonio Vargas
~The last space shuttle launch, scheduled for Friday, represents the splashdown in Slidell's storied trajectory as a base for the nation's aerospace industry. Compared to the city's heyday as a NASA town, few Slidellians today remain involved in NASA-related activities, such as planning that is under way at Stennis for the next-generation Orion explorer. Nonetheless, many in the Camellia City remain optimistic about the role the region can play in the uncertain future of U.S. space exploration.
1990, Quality control workers at Martin-Marietta's Michoud assembly plant in New Orleans examine the inside of a shuttle external fuel tank.

It’s not easy going green~Energy company’s switchgrass experiment fails at Big Cajun II~Ted Griggs

'Unsatisfactory' New Orleans employee isn't alone: Jarvis DeBerry

LA Governorcist Bobby "Brady" Jindal allows online betting at horse tracks?

Corps' flood planning criticized

Big Muddy: It's No Simple Challenge
~Tommy Clarkson

~"Ya' can't pack 150 pounds of potatoes in a hundred pound bag."
The symbolic "sack" in this analogy is comprised of six mainstem dams that strive to hold in check the river that stretches from Three Forks, MT to St. Louis, MO. These structures were constructed from 1940 to 1955 by Corps.
They, along with 582.2 miles of federal and 70.6 miles non-federal levees - in addition to levees not in the federal program - presently strain to hold the overflow from these reservoirs in check. Near its capacity, behind those dams, lies 73.1 million acre feet of water. Just how large is this rather incomprehensible number? By way of example, if a person lined up one cubic foot jugs of water, back to back, they would stretch to the sun and back nearly six and half times!

Georgia's water wars now turns on Corps~Atlanta Journal Constitution

Exxon says Montana crude leak "could have been" 1,000 barrels

Heavy rains from Arlene kill 11 in Mexico ~Wunderblog

New Orleans street art
~Jill of All Genres

Today's events: Dee-1 CD release at the Maison, comedy at A Shotgun Near You, and British film at Zeitgest
~Nola Defender

~Hat Tweet @~Shamarr Allen's Annual Birthday Bash and CD Release Party! Tonight at 10pm Maison @ 508 Frenchmen

Editilla is SO PSYCHED about Hugh Laurie's Blues Album!

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