Friday, July 15, 2011

A year after flow of oil from BP spill ended, 'normal' drilling operations are hard to define

BP Oil Still Washing Ashore One Year After Spill ~Bloomberg~Hat Tweet

Judge tosses RICO claims against BP for oil spill
~Editilla Rotellas~The Wheels of Justice are greased with the blood of Louisiana, as slowly, inexorably rolls our Courts into line.

BP Spill Stopped One Year Ago Today - 5,000 Spills Since Then ~SkyTruth

New Madrid Earthquake Exercise Series ~Amy Wold

Here comes the hand squeeze, Senator: Corps short of flood funds

~Hat Tweet ~RT @Waterkeeper~Moving on to the Senate to defeat this dirty water bill. Round two, here we come. Lock and load, :

Jus'sayin... it's one thing to learn how to fly.
~In this astronaut photograph, the Space Shuttle Atlantis approaches the International Space Station for docking for the last time on July 10, 2011. Part of a Russian Progress spacecraft, also docked to the station, pokes into the upper foreground. Beneath them all lie the teal-colored shallows around the Bahamas.

Spread of rabies is the new scare from Louisiana coyotes ~WWL

Gretna to begin ticketing trains that block public streets

~Government Grants to Rock
~Library Chronicles

~Hat Tweet~Clint Eastwood's son to start directing TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3-D this week in La. Good morning!

Thoughts on a New Orleans Summer
~Invade NOLA

Let culture buffs fund the arts – not govt. bureaucrats~Kevin Kane

Tales of the Cocktail keeps revelry rolling with five days of seminars, tastings and late-night parties
~Toast To Tales honors New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society Sazerac Seal of Approval Winners. Sazerac Seal of Approval Honorees to be Recognized on Wednesday, July 20th at the 2011 Tales of the Cocktail®

Tales of the Cocktail Plus Trivia ~Blackened Out

Beer For Chicks....Finally
~The Beer Buddha

13 Chefs to Compete in the 2011 Great American Seafood Cook-Off

Chef John Besh’s Soda Shop Grand Opening at National WWII Museum Sunday~Colleen Rush

Joy Theatre purchased by NOLA Theatre District

Zeitgeist's 'Southern Pop Surrealism' Brings Outsider Art Movement to N.O.

Femme Fatale Friday: Lindsay Rae Spurlock ~NOLAFemmes

~Hat Tweet ~CREOLE STRING BEANS & LOS POBOYCITOS tonight 9:30pm Stop first for a fried bread pudding poboy

Trombone Shorty: For True ~offBeat

RIP Big Chief Lionel Delpit
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

~Also~ from the Times-Picayune~Lionel Delpit, big chief of the Black Feather Mardi Gras Indian tribe, whose intensely emotional singing voice and smooth footwork could transfix even the most boisterous crowd, died Sunday of heart failure at Tulane Medical Center. He was 54.

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