Sunday, October 2, 2011

The conservative case for saving the coast ~Bob Marshall

Insurers win as post-Hurricane Katrina/Federal Flood issue is resolved~Rebecca Mowbray

PWALLY Mostly True Stories, Part II

She is also our Corps Illustrator: The Masqued E'vinga!
You can find her littered all over your New Orleans Ladder. Without her pictures cutting humorous satire across our blog, yer ho ho homble Editilla's angry ass woulda surely ended up in da hoosgow. Not only do we love her for steppin into it with da Ladder, I've purchased a group of her Chicken Paintings (like the one at right: Hamburg Chic) for Editilla's House of Piety! I'd link to them but would rather our Gentle'rillas go and enjoy pecking down her Facebook page to see all her other paintings. Polly also writes wonderful short stories under the blog name PWALLY, from whence come these great little books.

Swamp expo shows off culture

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