Sunday, January 22, 2012

Public meetings over Sewerage and Water Board rate doubling plan
~Editilla Reminderellas~ I saw Arnie Feilkow, S&WB and the Corps Head Rauncho-du-juor Commandant Sinkler discussing this very issue while still in the early stages of the Option 1 v Option 2 Pumps presentations in Council in 2009.

~PR PORN HORSE'POCKEY ALERT! You have to get past a slick, exxxpensive half-hour fluff flick done by Corps/OPP about their enormous erection --paid for by we the taxpayers. The actual bidness starts at around 30:28.
One of the biggest issues was the Maintenance costs on these hideous ill-conceived and inoperable pumps for Option 1: $10,000,000/yr for the next 10yrs that the City/Orleans Parish would HAVE TO PAY. Feilkow pointed out the Considerable increase in millages and other rates across the board if the parish were to pay-up on this forced Corps Mandated shell game. The Corps lackey bastard of course didn't have enough information (as is the way of Sophisticated Gang Behavior) and was able to have the question delayed. Now we have the technologically inferior Option 1 pumps at a grotesquely extorted price. Editilla screamed and holla'd, we bitched and moaned... but no one seemed to grok the Fact that We are All now on The Hook for 10M/yr to the Exquisite Corps. Now our S&WB rates are Doubling and that is just the beginning of this jail-house ass punking.

Master plan for coastal restoration gives hope: Bob Marshall
~Also~Louisiana coastal restoration forecast: An editorial
~Photo: Morganza Floodway, by Quinta Scott, from her blog post: Corps of Engineers: A New Floodway on the Lower Mississippi?

Tough Cookies, Transgendered Girl Scout in Colorado causes stir in St. Tammany
~Adrastos, First Draft

Slabbed explores former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard’s business activities in Nova Scotia Part 1: In the deep south ‘reality’ is often a simple illusion.

Tim Whitmer's sweet deal a bad omen for Aaron Broussard: Stephanie Grace

Louisiana's Native American population remains steady

Abundance of natural gas promises to give Louisiana industries a boost

Former Monroe teen writes, illustrates book

Rebirth on the Bayou, Shelter from the Storm ~Judyb, NOLAFemmes

The oyster that got the Cat Island raccoon

Lion dancers prepare for Vietnamese lunar new year celebration in eastern N.O.

Meet the Drewgars! Grand Dames of NOLA gather to support charities of Drew Brees

Dim Sum and Dragons Too~Nola Notes

The Wee Trio to reinvent David Bowie songs at Snug Harbor

7 Accredited Music Schools In New Orleans

Ladies and Men of Unity second line parade 12-4pm! ~Big Red Cotton

George Porter Jr. to be honored with OffBeat magazine’s lifetime achievement award in music

~Hat Tweet ~Good morning! New angel trumpets.

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