Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Slab City

Fishers say coastal master plan could destroy their livelihoods~Mark Schleifstein

2011: New hurricane protection system is built ~Comment from Sandy Rosenthal: We are pleased that this article used no "Katrina shorthand" and attributed the catastrophic flooding of regional New Orleans to the failure of the hurricane protection system that Congress ordered the Corps of Engineers to build in 1965. We are also pleased that the article includes no "yeah buts." In other words, the article does not include unsupported statements by senior corps officials in 2006 and 2007 that blame should go to the victims of the flooding. We have addressed this "blame the victim' strategy in a recent blog post on Nola.com.

Slabbed explores former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard’s business activities in Nova Scotia Part 2: You own 100% of 2% of nothing.

2 people killed when vehicle is hit by train in Kenner

BP denies Gulfport’s damages claim

Shaw Group will help manage troubled Louisiana home elevation effort
~David Hammer

Blight or Might?~Charolette, NOLAFemmes

FalseState seeks rate hikes

Vietnamese market yields delicacies, recipes and memories

Some supplement income with rodent control

Five marvelous meatballs~Gambit

"Rock and Bowl in New Orleans"

Jazz Fest Lands 'The Boss' For 2012 Edition
~Also~Jazz Fest releases daily schedule

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