Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Times-Picayune back-slides, uses Katrina Shorthand to mis-frame "The Great Corps of Engineers Levee Failure Event of 2005"
~Editilla Commentellas~In the face of such an insulting and self-aggrandizing, Katrina Shorthand attempt to continue to Lie about the cause of our devastating Federal Flood 8-29-05, we at Da Ladder find it quite gratifying that so many comments on this screed support the True Story.
Over the diaspora we have screamed about this problem of mis-framing our man-made disaster as a natural one. I mean, yous guys have seen me lay down some pristine rant & retart as to the very real PR War waged by the Exquisite Corps and theys minions to spin'filtrate any other story about their criminal engineering to the American public --but da truf. Yet, it was always the T-P that sent poor Editilla over Niagara Falls with their Corps/OPP advertising contracts, "Shilla" Grissett's damn near laudanum infused coverage of levee leaks and tons of debris used in their new filling, and their incessant use of Katrina Shorthand. Hell, they would even attempt to Defend misstating actual facts! But, over time, some of their journalist came around to our view of Reality with a capital Rrrrrrr --due in no small measure to the Direct Actions of a tiny, local grassroots group to stay on top of this with editors and journalist across the country.
It's true. Our friends and compadres at deserve a big hand here as they have changed the entire narrative of our damn'nation simply by insisting that news media call it by its true name. Alas, we still have a few piglet dragons to slay right here in our own back yard.
~Special T'anks to Da Masqued E'vinga! for our snappy cartoon.

Aaron Bennett pocketed $600,000 intended for New Orleans pump station upgrades, lawsuit alleges

Oh Snap! Corps of Engineers boss lackey wants to get into our pants to head NORA!

Lookee! Corps says it has $55M more for dredging

Louisiana's infrastructure is in trouble, engineering society says

Ed Blakely can't get anything right~James Gill

The Nova Scotia SouthCoast Today picks up the latest developments ~Slabbed

“There’s a war going on, and we’re all on the front lines:” Uptown residents decry increase in crime, insufficient police manpower
~Uptown Messenger

Curfew: Stripping kids’ access to the cultural heart of New Orleans~C.W. Cannon, The Lens

Hat Tweet~ & not only support, but are Senate cosponsors of PIPA. What is PIPA/SOPA?

Satellite Image Shows Heat From Chevron Drill Rig Fire, Offshore Nigeria ~Skytruth

First retailer in New Orleans unveils electric vehicle charging stations ~WWL

Grape Expectations~Blackened Out

Breaking Bread New Orleans Style
~He Said/She Said

Green To Go’s Big Adventure
~New Orleans Food Trucks
~Recently I had the pleasure of witnessing a salad spread suitable for the pickiest veggie-only eaters and also for those that consider themselves carnivorous chowhounds. Meet Green To Go, a New Orleans-based mobile food business doing salads justice and delivering to you by bike.

Preview of new Galactic song available on NPR blog~Alison Fensterstock
~Also~Big Freedia to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, January 25!

Dr. John to Lead Three-Weekend Residency at BAM; Dan Auerbach to Join in Debut of Music from New Album, "Locked Down"
~Nonesuch Journal

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