Monday, April 16, 2012

Damage in oil’s wake, tensions mount on long-term solutions~Amy Wold
~State and local officials continue to express frustration that long-term monitoring and cleanup efforts do not appear to be moving forward. Garret Graves, director of the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities, said he thought the state would be in a different position by now.“I expected the cooperation between the state, BP and the Coast Guard would have been much better,” Graves said. “To continue to see this really weird alliance between BP and the Coast Guard continues to be baffling.”

"I see you Jake Sulley"~American Zombie

Low seafood catches remain a mystery

Dangers of Katrina Shorthand, "Big gaps found in nursing homes’ disaster plans"
~Editilla Cotellas~ If we don't learn that man-made disaster happened in New Orleans 8/29/05, then we'll never be able to deal when it happens again.

Bodi White wastes $6 Million of our tax dollars and refuses to answer why
~C.B. Forgotston

Corps says more room needed in MO River channel, not reservoirs, for flooding

War of 1812 bicentennial events launch in New Orleans with tall ships, air show

The 10 best roast beef po-boys in the New Orleans metro area

~Hat Tweet ~Shrimp au Gratin – delicious Monday night dinner! via

French Quarter Festival eyes expansion after record year~N.O. City Business

Ziggy Marley, Warren Haynes in, Bunny Wailer, Levon Helm out at Jazz Fest

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