Sunday, April 15, 2012

With fewer picks, Saints looking to make most out of the draft~James Varney
~Also~New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson is feeling invigorated and ready to go after an NBA title

Nearly Half of All Living Nobel Prize Laureates in the Sciences Personally Endorse a Repeal of Bobby Jindal’s Science Education Act ~CenLamar
~Hat Tweet~ ~The LSEA is chasing away people our state needs according to the Daily Advertiser

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman finally addresses prison's sexual assaults
~Jarvis DeBerry

La. National Guard unit returns to welcoming arms after tour's nomination for National Park Service -Final Version

Gulf of Mexico oil spill researchers look into effects on wildlife, ways to improve response~Mark Schleifstein

Demand for deep water offshore vessels growing

'Robo-ship' could soon be working for Navy

American Queen's maiden voyage marks start of business relationship with Memphis

New Orleans Nanotech Cotton Opens Up New Possibilities for the Fiber
~Starting in the 1950s, chemist Ruth Benerito and her colleagues at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans conducted groundbreaking studies that gave rise to easy-care, permanent-press clothing and other consumer-friendly improvements that helped cotton better compete with synthetic fibers, like polyester. Today, under the leadership of Brian Condon, the ARS cotton researchers in New Orleans are leveraging the latest developments in nanotechnology to bring cotton fully into the 21st century.

1.1 Gardening in New Orleans
~New Orleans Food & Farm Network

Polly Jackson~"Branch Brook Park", acrylic on canvasboard, 16 x 20"

Sunday Reads: The Dick That Keeps On Ticking and Auroras on Uranus
~Sky Dancing

Parades, bars, bantering locals and a life of scholarship shaped Lawrence Powell's acclaimed New Orleans history

Hundreds riot in the streets as trollies attempt to run~Hat Tweet

Nola Smokehouse

Houmapalooza continues to grow

New Orleans Earth Day!

French Quarter Festival lineup for today!


Sandy Rosenthal said...

Thank you for posting our document justifying listing two major breach sites to the National Register. The information in this file may be consulted by media, groups and individuals interested in the history of New Orleans’ water and levee systems, and the events surrounding the breaching of the levees during Hurricane Katrina.

PWally said...

Thank you for posting my looks so good.

Editilla said...

Yer welcome Polly! You know how I gotta have it.

And yous toos, Mrs Rosenthal. Thanks for stickin'it.