Monday, October 12, 2009

Bring the Nobel Peace Prize Home to New Orleans
~Stacy Parker Aab

~Editilla No'tellas~ While I do believe that any press is good press, it appears that this Huff Post blogger, with her heart in the right place behind her own agenda and despite her experience as a Presidential Advance Person, is not aware that Obama's Rest-stop tour of New Orleans leaves little time for anything but taking a pee and telling us it is just raining on New Orleans, before he is off to a fundraiser in California and then partay with Big George Bush in Texas for some Real Tree Pissing.
She seems to have such "faith that he will do more"... than what? Than set ups for Photo-Ops? That is ALL Obama is doing in New Orleans this week, getting his picture taken "listening" at a 'Town Hall" or hugging charter school children. People are trying to put lipstick all over this Pig, but it is still the same old story of how the Swine Flew. Yeah, we'll take his Nobel Prize for Butter.
Obama's already gotten our vote. He got our money. And, most importantly, he got our networking data bases. We helped him get elected. So he doesn't need anything else from New Orleans. What? We costs money that he could be giving to Wall Street or paying for his Next 3 Years of War in Afghanistan.
His press office touts how he saw everything he needs to see on his previous campaign swings. What arrogant Horse Shit Hubris.
But, you know, none of that would have mattered if we had voted in Hillary Clinton would it? There is always 2012, eh?

Residents want face-to-face with Obama on flood control
~Sabrina Wilson

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