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Editilla blogs Tinkle-stop Tour Obama Blows a Glory Hole
--This President Doesn't Get It!
Best I could do as the whole show degenerated into...
Yes We Can'can Hope'A'Dope TeeVee Campaign Porn'O'ganda.
Obama seems to have planted people in the Audience to BOO for Jindal in his opening thank yous? Oh this is not looking fair at all. No one here actually Boos Jindal. Yeah, we roll over laughing hysterically, but not Boo him to his face. Freaky Yankees on Obama's Team. Get a load of this and tell me Obama wasn't ready!

Oh my Goddess! He still thinks Katrina Hit New Orleans???
~where did His'O'ner got this YANKEE SOUTHERN ACCENT?
He Cannot pronounce Melancon or Cao. Soliciting audience applause for his own Lackeys. He is trying to turn this into a Love Obama Thing. Also just reiterated his Total Stupid Ignorance of the Cause of New Orleans Flooding. Denies that Corps of Engineers did it --instead says "Government Broke Down".
He is Lying by Omission and I am watching him do it. What about the Bad Pumps, Mr President? What about our flood walls that are Not Replaced by your Rogue Military Unit the USACE???
He just stretched the Truth like a Condom! Says that 220 Miles of Levees and Floodwalls have been Repaired. Wrong Mr President.
Not once utters the words US Army Corps of Engineers. Ever.
Sayz he won't forget about New Orleans... Oh and the Gulf Coast.
Oh Snap! Now he is talking about how he bailed out all the Bankers because they were having their own Storm. Can you believe it? He is using our Flood, calling it due to the Storm, and now humping that onto his Wall Street Bailout! What the Hell?
Is is Talking About Nothing? Oh Double Snap Surprise!!! Now He is moving onto Health Care Reform and, yawn, BIG CHANGE!
Hahahahaha What a Barker! Everyone he has planted in the audience is cheering wildly now but not talking about New Orleans. Oh His'O'ner is just getting started... on what? Editilla is beginning to tremble in the face of such Propaganda. Now his people have the Audience chanting YES WE CAN oh hell it is all over now. He is speaking some sort of campaign gibberish. Obama has Nothing to offer New Orleans in his Precious Time Here?
This is getting nauseating as he talks about Health Insurance premiums. I have no idea if Obama knows what is going on today or not. Yes We Can Eat Cake.
Now he is back to New Orleans humping it onto his national economic recovery "from the storm". Getting all emotional with his faux southern accent. It is really impressive how he has shouters planted evenly in the audience for emphasis and cheers at the right time. OK now he finally finished his bullshit opening let's see if he gets any real question. Oh god his folksy horse shit is un-nerving. Glad slapping the issue. What a Ham. Here comes the Town Hall Boy Girl Boy Girl so nobody gets mad at the His'O'ner.
He seems concerned the whole time btw about people not getting mad at him, passive aggressive mis-direction. Obama still calls it The Storm and Not The Flood. It was the Storm says His O'ner.

1st question: Black Minister: soft ball set up for his Education Package and his stop at MLK school. Boy Barry can handle that one yessir. Ewe. Obama seems to be just using this brief trip to basically just do a Campaign Show for his Stuff.

2nd Question: Mother with last name Barack. How cute:
Her 3 children go to Lusher. Good Question about women and domestic violence. Barack says he'll get back to her sorta? I don't really follow his line. I'm trying, but he isn't really addressing anything specific to New Orleans or South Louisiana. But there seems to have been a problem here before Katrina did it.

3rd Question: Barack chortles "Now its a Man's Turn": FEME Reimbursements and Charity Hospital! Obama is bullshitting about saying anything specifically about Charity Hospital. Side-stepping the Answer. Haha he laughs. What a Dick. Limps over onto Arbitration Process for Charity. Blowing Smoke on Charity, looks like the Fix is In with this President and Charity Hospital. Lays it off on State/Federal disagreements. Says we are screwed by the US Constitution. Ha! Charity is Toast.
Obama did not answer the Question of Charity for the record.

4th Question: Woman: Immigration Families. This is a current Press Issue of his administration. Oh Give Napalitano a big applause he asks... what a schyster... he is mumbling something... about long term problems. I am lost again he is back to us being a Nation of Laws and people in Mexico waiting in Line. I'll show you The Line Mr President, just look out your goddamn airplane window. There is The Line Mr President our vanishing coastline. Oh triple Snap! Now he is onto going after big companies for bad hiring practices. Wow. Ok the President is a Clueless Dick let's face it. He is Greasing Us Like Chattle.
He is Wasting, Burning Up HIS PRECIOUS TIME HERE!

5th Question Man: Oh Boy Another One For Health Care Reform! I don't believe this. His O'ness is putting Editilla to sleep with worthless Bull Shit That We Have Had To Listen To For MONTHS. None of this has ANYTHING TO DO WITH NEW ORLEANS THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT! Obama stutters, seems lost in the Psychic Pall which is seizing the audience as people start to realize that he is not here to Talk or Listen to them. Now Obama is BACK on stuff he already talked about. Using Us.
BLABLABLABLABLA Fuck me with an Atom Bomb. Just do it.
This is getting creepy. Obama Does Not GET IT with New Orleans or anything here in this region. He is Campaigning on some weird platform that everyone has heard ad nausea. Only Obama's Audience Plants are applauding now --the Citizens seem sorta lost. Editilla has to go throw up, brb.

6th Question: Davida is her name: Environment, going green no recycling program in Nola, big crowd pleaser for some reason, I must have missed some charming thing from Obama while typing here. Basically his environmental policy, but we'll see if he knows anything about Wetlands Loss. Of course he leads into Energy.
I have no idea why he is Patronizing local environmental activity. That was weird. He tried to float some sorta joke about being sure that we have something going on "around here" but He doesn't know all the details and we should check with someone else. Yep, the President is passing the buck here for sure. No Wet Lands must be Good Lands for him. OK now he is back to his Economic Recovery Package and "green jobs" big energy sources etc yadayada... but he doesn't know a thing about Disappearing Wetlands and has no Answer for that. Oh here is Health Care again. Wow, I had never realized how Patronizing Obama really is towards the Gulf Coast Citizens. You know, this President should have Studied up on us before he came down here to Piss Down Our Leg and Tell Us It Was Katrina. Oh now he is trolling the Change Meme. Hummers, Gas Prices.

Oh Great! Just One more question? Just 7 questions?
7th and Final Question: Cute Little Black Kid: wants to know why people hate Obama and that God is Love. And now that is "What I'm Talkin'bout!" says His O'ness. Oh yeah, everyone hates Obama. What PT Barnham PsychoDrama Bull Shit MisDirection. This is the Closer, a Little Tiny Tim Kid asking why so many people Hate Obama? I don't hate Obama, nor do I know anyone else who hates him, even amongst my own rabid neocon siblings.
It appears that Obama is Playing The Hate Card? WTF?
He did this often and consistently throughout the event. Everyone is Mad at Him. Everyone Hates Him. He is so Mister Misunderstood. He has So Much On His Plate Poor President.
Getouttaheah! There is no crying in politics.

We expected some schultz but this was pretty bad. Of course we will see if it plays so well in the National Media. I am dying to see how they work out the sound bites because this appearance certainly Bit. Thanks Mr President For Nothing.
7 Questions. Seven. After all this blow up, just 7 questions that he really didn't answer anyway. At least we do know now that Charity is gone as far as this President didn't say. That was pretty obvious in his eyes. When that word came up he was ready. Like watching a poker player who already knows the deck is stacked and which cards are marked. That is how his answer seemed to me.
Wham Bam Thank'ya NOLA! Now it's off to Partay wit'da Bushes!
And if you learn anything sucking Bush remember this in 2012:

Editilla t'anks fo'da Hat Tips!~
~Daily Kingfish/Louisiana 1976
~Opiniated Catholic

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