Sunday, October 11, 2009


Obama Does Rest-Stop Tour...
then to Partay with the Bushes!

~Hell hath no fury like a Voter scorned! ~or...
Countdown To Blow Off: T-Minus 4 days!

~From New Orleans, POTUS heads to San Francisco for a DNC fundraiser that evening, and then Friday he flies to College Station, Texas, for a Presidential Forum on Community Service hosted by former President George H.W. Bush and the Points of Light Institute at the George Bush Presidential Library Center on the campus of Texas A&M University.

Oh Snap! A Stood UpDate! Well! Excuuuuse US, Mista'POTUS!
Hahahahaha, is this Black Irony or what? Is he blowing us off to go sit with the head of the Bush Clan --literally? Is he joking?
Did we vote for a Commander in Chief or a little indian brave?
We Hope President "If-you-think-it's-Nobel-but-it's-not" Obama shows the Audacity to Learn something from this ho'down boo'rah Bush Presidential Forum on Community Service... --BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA... whew! But, Mr. President, what about your Corps installing inoperable Bad Pumps????
You have had the OSC Report On Your Desk since June. Sooo...
What is up wit'dat? ¿Qué está sucediendo con las malas bombas?
~Editilla Ro'tellas~ We hate to be so hard on Obama, really. Indeed we had looked forward to defending our vote for his Hopeful Presidency before the baying armies of after-market android republicants --but not in New Orleans, after he just won the Nobel Prize for Butter and seems to have every intention of using his faux mettle to Hope'A'Dope the City The Corps Forgot.
He chapped my ass hard enough when he ignorantly said Katrina flooded New Orleans. That was pretty bad, but then he flipped off The Anniversary to go play golf at a Rich Peoples Place.
I swear if this gets any better I'm going to have to slam my dick in a car door to wake up from this wet dream! And what we seem to have here now is a goddamn Bush League fail'ya ta'comoonicate!
~In an effort to get The People To Stop Whining about his apparent fear of ACORNs dropping out of the sky, the President added to his Rest-stop Tour of New Orleans an Undisclosed Event at an Undisclosed Time and Location beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between sight and sound, politics and engineering...
--a bent-over place of irreality known only as The Flood Zone.

Why don't they just come right out and admit it instead of getting all Dick Chaney SciFi about their itinerary?
Are they that afraid of this trip being associated with ACORN?
With his press office saying "He's already been there, done that, got the T-shirt --and can even tell you where you got'yo shoes," our busy War'N'Peace Prize President shows he has better things to do than to Actually Look at the City --or god-forbid Actually Listen to what is Actually Happening with his own far Gone Rogue Military Unit: the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District.
Maybe Obama can at least catch a glimpse of our vanishing coastline on his way out the door --cause it ain't gonna be there by the time he gets around to using us for another photo-op!

Voice of the Wetlands festival brings people to The Cause
~Lloyd J. Nelson III

Cajun Chefs Draw Crowds as Festivals Acadiens rolls on despite inclement weather
~Robert R. Jones III

Residents take a break at Gentilly Fest from rebuilding ~WWL

How much affordable housing does New Orleans have, and how much does it need?
~Katy Rechdahl

Judge Senter applies Corban, issues trio of Orders in Bossier v State Farm ~slabbed

An upcoming stimulus program provides rebates for energy-efficient appliances
~R. Stephanie Bruno

Bobby Jindal: Nineteenth Century Schizoid Man ~ENDAblog

Vitter, Pickering partners in awkwardness: James Gill

Accordion fest fills La Villita with squeezebox sounds

Selling New Orleans as a mecca for garden lovers
~Karen Taylor Gist

This day in history,
Tony Montana gets dusted
~The New Orleans Levee

Louisiana filmmakers get spotlight today at New Orleans Film Festival~Mike Scott

New Orleans storytellers give a fresh spin on Central City
~Chris Rose

~“Our Lady of Sorrows Project” is a visual art- performance installation collaboratively created by Malley Weber of Hallowell, and by Amy Woodruff of Louisiana.
The project addresses issues of grief, loss, and mourning using archetypes that are feminine and universal. Specifically, these issues consist of the traumatic death of family, lost loves, divorce, the trauma of natural disaster, and the illness of depressive disorder. Archetypes used in the project include the Tarot, early 19th century mourning traditions, and incarnations of the Catholic Mary and her Voudou counterpart Ezili Freda.
Other themes include: tears and weeping as aspects of the water element and symbols of rain, rebirth, and fertility; and clay as earth, digging, unearthing, revealing and exposing of underlying pain and grief, building and rebuilding, and the transformation of entities.


Ima Wizer said...

I am truly surprised Obama didn't dig into NOLA and spend the minutes/hours he should have to delve into what has been happening. Maybe all politicians ARE really alike????
By the way, my word verification is: WISHO
Amazing.....wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one comes true the fastest, huh?

Editilla said...

I'm tollin'ya, Mz Wizer!
I think it is obvious that Obama's Ram'Axelrod handlers are terrified that he will be connected to ACORN which has recently closed and up-for-sale offices in New Orleans.
This has got to be what has them so afraid to stand behind New Orleans rather than merely in front of her.

I like your saying of wishes... I used to say "Shit in one hand, half a dozen in the other --who ya'gonna call?"
hahahahaha psychic you!