Monday, May 24, 2010

Sinn Féin Louisiana! E Pluribus Oilum

Despite AG’s position, Corps says no decision made on creating dredged islands
~Brentin Mock, The Lens

~Editilla yeahwellas~ Why do I get the feeling from the Corps that they are turning their backs on a done mob hit?
Their reticence here strikes me as thicker than simple Gall, lower than the coolness of a freshly dug grave.

Government can't push BP aside from 'Mob Hit' of Louisiana, Fey Thad Allen of Coast Guard cries while President Obama, EPA Pine for Testicular Fortitude
~"To push BP out of the way, it would raise the question, to replace them with what?" Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen, who is heading the federal response (and backing up his ass) to the British Petroleum Jelly Spill, whined at a White House briefing.
~Editilla Blows a Wella~ How'bout we replace BP with... Your Ass and 15,000 lbs of high explosives in the bored hole?
Shouldn't this Admiral be the one Stepping Aside? Stand Down?
Or whatever they do with Commanders when They Lose Their Nerve, Quail in the Face of the Adversary?
I don't believe I have EVER seen a US Military Commander BOW DOWN SO LOW --and I have seen some snakefarm mtfkrs at the Corps of Engineers. Hey Fey Thad! Are you like that British fop who bent over for Hitler? What's his name? Neville Chamberlain!
You are Double Rear Admiral Chamberlain! Not Funny!
I don't care what this loser's earned career USED to be. He has LOST IT ALL, all respect, all command. Gone, like the coast of Louisiana which he is admitting that he cannot defend. I cannot believe this. I'm just a little guy, not the big Admiral who is supposed to do the deal... you know defend the country. However, like most Americans, once we realize the unthinkable that our Commanders Have Lost Their Balls we hear the call.
I was in the NO Flood, know what is coming next, will deal with it.
This ain't gonna be fun and this time it will hit everyone.
Where is Honore'? Can somebody get Russell Honore' on the horn? How much room does the US Constitution give us to defend ourselves? Well, I bet we hear that from our own state Gov's AG.
But where does that leave our Nation, now that the Commander in Chief is admitting out loud in public that he has handed the family jewels to a preternational corporation? The Fucking British for Goddamn Sake! Jeez this is embarrassing and ignoble punk.

Administration Offers Conflicting PR Messages On BP Oil Disaster ~NPR

As BP Oil Disaster wears on, blame is finding its way to the White House

BP ill'gotten gains expected to invest Even More in LSU for dispersant research BWAHAHAHAHA!
~Editilla also wondered where they got all those robot submarines: SERPENT (Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing iNdustrial Technology) is a unique collaboration between the oil industry and the world of science. Since inception in 2002 by founding partners National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, Subsea 7, BP, and Transocean the working partnership has grown steadily to include a number of worldwide organisations including a large number of academic institutes, the latest being LSU (Louisiana State University) School of the Coast and Environment.

LSU Hawking "Spill Go-To Guy"
Next Up: David Letterman Show

In a fit to distract from the Bad Publicity over their being sued this week for the Wrongful Termination of renowned coastal scientist and hurricane herollero Ivor van Heerden --complete with the Judge unhesitatingly issuing a Physical Restraining Order against the university-- LSU seems intent on Swinging Out the Counter-PR! Ashley Berthelot, science and research editor for LSU Media Relations, said her office has been inundated with requests for interviews with Ed Overton. “He’s the guy,” she said.
“The international media are coming to LSU researchers to explain this situation, which shows we have internally renowned experts.”
On Monday, Overton is scheduled to be a guest on “Late Night with David Letterman.”
Oh now that will be so fun! What will LSU do to Overton if his research leads him to another Big Funding Source: BP?
Faggetaboutit.. given his own deptartement's funding sources. (Please search "Sponsors Alphabetical")
How'bout MMS: $13,283,730 or Corps of Engineers: $392,494?
Now we start to see why scientists like Ivor van Heerden make Industry Think Tanks like LSU such a nervous dull boy.

~A Roseated Spoonbill, top right, pelicans, and heron fly over a Pelican covered with oil, bottom center, from the BP Oil Fail in our Gulf of Mexico in Barataria Bay Sunday May 23.
~Editilla cries~Look at all of them in the background.
Why don't they fly away? Because they're nesting. The one to the right of the oiled pelican is sitting on eggs, their next generation. That one won't have another. They cannot leave because Louisiana is their home and they were in the middle of living it.
Please notice the Pelican in flight grasps a stick in its beak... still building its nest... Pelicans just don't know how to bow.
We want to post pics of our favorite birds before they are gone.
This is going to get harder to watch... but we must as we have no more choice than our friends who will die.
You know LA once lost our Pelicans. They were gone until Florida gave us some chicks which were hand fed until a viable brood could work. Alas, this monster is going to Florida too. BP=Death.
But, did y'all outside of Louisiana know that they were on the Endangered Species List until LAST YEAR? Our beautiful fanciful State Bird was finally off Death Row! And now... this is worth dragging those limey bastards through every street in New Orleans and Acadian naked, tared and feathered -and only then after we've gotten mid'evil on they assets for a while. I mean... really... this is what they used to do to White Haired Pirates.
And I'm not kidding. If they come to town grab them, take'em to the bayous, pull them through their oil until their eyes match the withered frightened gaze of our friends in the picture above.

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - Satellite Images Show Spreading Slick ~SkyTruth
~The MODIS / Terra image taken on Saturday, May 22 shows oil slick and sheen covering 16,538 square miles.

Major Change Down Below.... Live Blogging the Spill Cam

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