Thursday, May 27, 2010


TOP KILL PROBLEM: BP Delays Operation Due To Too Much Leaking Fluid, Obama Sucks BP ahem Diction! Gimp Fool Throws Away Presidency on BP Word

Top Kill Operation halted as BP Gimp'bucket Traitor Fey Admiral Thad The Impaler Allen spins it as: 'a work in progress'
~Editilla gotta toll'ya~ It is past time to furlough this punk. Put him out to pasture, let him go work for British Petroleum as a punked former person or whatever. He is no longer a Person, he is a BP Spinner Bait. He does NOT have our country's best interest in mind, he is about to take a Job with BP. Don't let this fey coward Sell Louisiana Out to BP! As long as the President has this Bitch Punk on the payroll we cannot believe a word coming out of his office. I don't care what he says, how many trips he makes to Louisiana. Thad Allen needs to die an ignoble death, suck it up and go to hell. Get this forking BP Traitor out of the way.
His word alone has bumped up BP shares 7% according to Marketplace. Bull Shit. He works for BP not US.
Photo above right: Thad Allen acting like he has actual balls exiting the big pellipopter after he has sold this country to BP! How did this punk make it up the ladder to command our former heroes the US Coast Guard? Why is he working for BP?
How much longer will we suffer his punk'ass bull shit for BP?

Pouring muscato by a Monet... Oh SNAP!~Louisiana is DYING and there is nothing more important than this? We remember how Journalists handed us George Bush for 8 years after he stole the election in 2000. We remember how the 4th Estate Bowed Down when they stole the election and began setting up this BP Oil Fail. I don't see what else matters as we lose our Louisiana.
I really can't understand this from Journalists. Get this story or go the fuck home and appease your lost souls!


oyster said...

Thad "The Impaler"... that's pretty damn funny. Thx for the laugh.

Editilla said...

Big Molluski, you are most welcome! But, any humor from me these days is offered with a Rhesus Grin.

I see Louisiana dying while our 4th Estate Sucks BP Dick.

This is beginning to look so much like 2000 when our News Media allowed Bush steal the election.

You are now part of that news media as a columnist for The Lens.
Save our State or Die With It.
There is NOTHING more important right now than covering the death of our state.

We don't have any more room for glib philosophy or catchy blogger perspectives. Everyone needs to get on this Dip Stick and it ain't happening.

I am so disgusted with News Media right now because they don't give a Fuck about Louisiana.
They figure we are gone, like we always are, giving it to the Oil Industry.
I mean, even people like John McQuaid are tweeting about maybe 100 people at Camden Yards?
Fuck Me! Just Stick It In And Break It OFF!
We don't have Free Press in this country any more, they are covering the popular stuff!
Who gives a Fuck about the Death of Louisiana?

I'm sorry. You know I love you.
I saw this during The Flood.
They plan to let Louisiana die.
We are good and truly fucked and left for dead.
If we don't have our 4th Estate watching our back then what do we have? NOTHING BUT NATIONAL SOCIALISM!
What am I missing here?

Anonymous said...

YOU nailed it-they aren't. If they think we are goin down without a fight they don't know shit all about Louisiana, no.