Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ding'Dong The Oil Is Gone! --says Feds
~MacMcClelland Way to include this in the lede, AP! "Much of the spilled oil is gone—though what's left is still nearly 5 times amount from Valdez."
~ Editilla Somebody check this out and tell me that isn't oil leaking and dispersant being applied Skandi ROV1 #oilspill #bppr
~ DrakeToulouse And on that note...really? claims BP is re-looping video...

~Editilla Dorothias~Gnash your teeth together 3 times and keep thinking:
There's no place with oil. There's no place with oil.

~BP HObama Administration defends 75% Oil Gone statement:
"the instruments they've used to capture the scope of the disaster have improved since it began." BWAHAHAHAHAHA WHEW!

Police: Guardsman commits suicide after failed fast food robbery attempt
~A man who committed suicide after having his alleged robbery attempt thwarted by a female fast food manager was a National Guardsman who was helping with the oil spill, according to Bay St. Louis police.

BP's Deepwater Oil Spill - Tests End and the Kill Begins, Well Reaches Static Condition - and Open Thread
~The Oil Drum

Government says 75% of the oil is gone …pardon my skepticism
~Disenfranchised Citizen's not on the barrier islands
~American Zombie

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - How Much Oil Underwater? ~SkyTruth

Is BP Making Louisiana Charities Beg? ~Mac McClelland

BP's fight against energy nonprofit highlights murky world of advocacy-for-hire~Don Eggen
~Editilla Hotellas~But of course BP and their preternational corporation friends support Women of the Storm, since that group is obviously less of an advocacy-for-hire than a lemonade-stand-peepshow.
~And a little heads up here~Every day that goes by while certain other local celebrities leave their names still up, endorsing this Women of the Oil (WOO) latest lobbying effort for big oil counts as a Day That Lives In Infamy!

Parish presidents submit scale-back plan to BP~"Just because they cap it offshore, permanently, the oil is not going to disappear, just as yesterday we had tar balls in significant quantities washing ashore in Grand Isle and in those passes to the east of Grand Isle," said Jefferson Parish Director of Homeland Security Deano Bonano.

Delacroix residents 'never imagined how bad it would get': Part 4 of 4
~Bob Marshall

Everything old is new again, and vice versa~Karen Gadbois, The Lens
~Editilla Spoketellas~Until we prominently face the Bad Engineering and our Still Standing Bad Floodwalls, we must pass over everything behind them in silence. Everything Old Will Flood Anew...again and again and again.

Hurricane Katrina recovery assessed five years out, yet not even the word "floodwall" from the Times-Picayune

This year's dead zone could be the largest ever
~Nikki Buskey

River Birch Landfill: Anatomy of Corruption. A Guest post by Whitmergate ~slabbed

RIP Albert Joseph Jackson, the Moses of Magazine Street~Humid Beings

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