Saturday, August 7, 2010

Has Obama Kept His Promise to N.O.?

Let's Go: Time's A'wastin on the New Orleans Levee Investigatin!
~Green Heritage News

~H.R. 6526 (ih) - A Bill to establish the 8/29 Investigation Team to examine the events [leading up to] August 29, 2005, with respect to the failure of the flood protection system in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. [Editilla's Editatin]~Please also see~Nearly Five Years Later Still No Levee Commission, Why?~Sandy Rosenthal
~Please also see this excellent piece at GHN by Judith Martin.

Pictures on the Ground
~American Zombie

White House accused of spinning report ~Humid Beings

Oily cloud looms over new shrimp season

4.9 million barrels of oil…estimate too low? BP made sure we’d never know
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP doesn’t rule out drilling new wells

Special Duck Stamp Package to Fund Gulf Wetlands
~Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar unveiled a special edition Federal Duck Stamp envelope, or cachet, on Tuesday to help fund conservation efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. The cachet can be purchased by hunters, stamp collectors, birders and others for $25—or $10 more than the cost of a regular Duck Stamp. The funds will be used to acquire wetlands for inclusion in national wildlife refuges along the oil-soaked Gulf Coast. (Click pic to enlarge)

Looking for a “staycation” – then stay at your computer and tour the Mississippi Delta ~slabbed

~Please stay tuned for this years Voice of the Wetlands Festival

Congratulations Again To The City Champ ~Cliff's Crib
~Editilla has only one thing to say to the Brett Farve Question...

22 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Just Checking in on Jazz Wax
~Thanks for dropping by, Marc!

13th Annual French Film Festival

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