Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mississippi River pours as much dispersant into the Gulf as BP
~Mark Schleifstein
~Also~EPA official defends role of dispersants in Gulf of Mexico oil spill response

Gulf Dead Zone shows potential long- term impact of BP disaster
~Chris Kromm, Facing South

~Editilla jus'gotta axe~WTF are these people doing BP advertising?
We had quite enough of this with Corps of Engineers Flash Ads on
We just can't do this any more after Ivor van Heerden doing BP Advomercials and Women of the Storm Sucker Humping their husbands' oil industry lobbying.
Sorry. This PR Lite Horse Shit simply doesn't cut it. We've had to eat this cake since the levees failed and since the rig sank. No more. If you want to be taken seriously and honestly then stop taking BP's Public Relations money. But if you want to advertise for BP and still consider yourself a voice for the South, then Editilla gonna have your ass for breakfast Every Day until you go away, or until everyone knows you're full of unmitigated Shit.

The Crime of the Century: What BP and the US Government Don't Want You to Know, Part I~Jerry Cope
~Interview transcript

What happened to the oil?

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Part 3 ~SkyTruth
~Editilla Gnasherellas~Does Barack Obama work for BP or what?
When will this 1-term President at least do the right thing and work for the American People? Is the corruption really so bad that his administration thinks they can reap windfall contributions from BP when Obama loses his next election? I just don't get it the BP asswipe from our President. He has not once stood for the American Voter here with this BP Oil Crime, and stunningly continues to protect British Petroleum. I mean really, I can't find a many people who don't think Obama has not just dropped the ball but allowed the BP to shove it up his ass.

Scientists question government team's report of shrinking gulf oil spill
~David A. Fahrenthold

~"A significant amount of this," said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "is a direct result of the very robust federal response efforts." But, in interviews, scientists who worked on the report said the figures were based in large part on assumptions and estimates with a significant margin of error. Some outside scientists went further: In a situation in which many facts remain murky, they said, the government seemed to have used interpretations that made the gulf -- and the federal efforts to save it -- look as good as possible.

Louisiana Sen. Landrieu Will Oppose Energy Bills Unless Relief For Gulf States ~Bayou Buzz

Vogue Italia’s August issue does Oil Spill Chic ~Gambit

Slabbed updates the Oil spill and takes a look at the environmental damage done by Louisiana’s politicians

Corps of Engineers in a town near you:
Still Equal Opportunity Fuckers

K Plus 5 -- What We Know, and What We Don't ~Harry Shearer
~'The Big Uneasy' Documentary Explores How Hurricane Katrina Could Have Been Prevented

The News at 5~Chris Rose

24 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

NASA's Hurricane Quest Set To Begin
~Hat Tweet~fofalex

Colin ready to re-form; TSR keeps their Atlantic hurricane forecast numbers high ~Wunderblog

Dear Google, you net-neutrality killing, betraying son of a bitch…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Save one dog. Save the world
~Hat Tweet~skooks~"Haiti is Open for Business"

Divorced men are just hopeless!
~Finally unhindered by his wife Tipper's 25-year-long household ban on violent and sexually explicit music, former vice president Al Gore, 62, reportedly embraced his newfound independence this week by listening to the albums of the heavy metal band W.A.S.P. "For the first time in decades, I get to play the kind of music I like without someone nagging me about what a bad influence it is," said Gore, sitting on the floor of his living room as he cued up the song "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" on his stereo. "And I get to crank it up as loud as I want." "It sucked because we always had to listen to garbage like Carly Simon and Lyle Lovett all the time," said Gore, who told reporters that he was "loving" being single again. "That stuff is lame, man. If it doesn't have big balls and bigger riffs, get it out of my stereo!"
~Editilla had wondered where Al was during this entire inconvenient oil crime.

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