Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Activists argue for preservation of houses on University Medical Center site~Bill Barrow

Never-charged inmates describe “putrid” Katrina jail
~Matt Davis, The Lens

~Also~Landrieu administration hasn’t provided budget documents

The LSED Grant Road Map
~American Zombie

Allow me to more properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to President Obama and Mayor Mitchmo’s guy Cedric Richmond, a true sack of shit in the finest tradition of Dollar Bill Jefferson

The Small Things Go A Long Way
~Cliff's Crib

"It Gets Better" comes to New Orleans
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

After marijuana raid, Black Pearl mini-mart may become city property
~Uptown Messenger

Paula intensifies to Category 2

Scientists find dead zone in Chandeleur Sound off Louisiana, Mississippi coast

Fresh Oil still in coastal Terrebonne marshes ~WWL

Nungesser critical of Gulf oil leak response~Sandy Davis

Navy suspended exercises over Gulf after consulting with doctor about how “bad” the situation is in the water (VIDEO)~Florida Oil Spill Law

Dr. Riki Ott Speaks Out at Orange Beach Public Health Forum
~Locust Fork News
~Hat Tweet~WhoDat35

~ See talks from 2-day science conference on BP covering dispersants, damage assessment, monitoring plans, more http://bit.ly/cJp76p

CA officials refuse to clear levees of foliage ~Kelly Zito
~In the wake of the levee failures that destroyed New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina five years ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers has ramped up its levee safety programs. In defiance of a federal policy intended to bolster the safety of California levees, some Bay Area legislators, regulators and water agencies said Monday that they refuse to remove shrubs and trees from the banks of numerous creeks and culverts.

Flood Insurance Threatens Trinity Property Owners~Ken Kalthoff

West Marine gives $30,000 in conservation grants

Entergy: Justice Dept. opens civil investigation

Haiti: The Price of Nothing
~Mack MacClelland, Mother Jones

~A message from Yéle Haiti President, Hugh Locke~On August 17, 2010, an article about Wyclef Jean and Yéle Haiti, the charitable organization he co-founded in 2005, appeared in The New York Times (“Star’s Candidacy in Haiti Puts Scrutiny on Charity”). The article contained allegations that were both inaccurate and misleading; I will cite just three examples here.

Tracking corporate traitors
~Facing South

Where We Know:
New Orleans as Home
~Chin Music Press

2010 Challenge: Plebe Food
~Blackened Out

National Gumbo Day~Jennifer Biggs

Fig Street Studios
~This poster is only $15 Bucks! Even Less in bulk! Half of my Chri'ma presents!

Bayou Salvage & NOLAFemmes Partner For a Giveaway

Chuck Perkins UK Tour Dates

1 comment:

Horatio Algeranon said...

What's wrong with this picture?

"Along a coastline dotted with oil deadened marsh, [fisherman] Russell [Dardar] is marking the worst locations, so he can check back to see if the damage spreads, eroding the fragile marsh.

You got dead grass all along this area, dead marsh, and what holds the marsh together is grass."

from Oil still in coastal Terrebonne marshes

So, we have fishermen like Dardar and other coastal residents like Kendra Arnesen doing the work that scientists should be doing? (documenting oil and tracking its effects in the environment over time)

Don't get Horatio wrong. These local folks should be applauded for all their efforts. The work they are doing undoubtedly FAR exceeds that of NOAA and EPA scientists (in both quantity and quality) in many cases. (In many cases, locals are taking it upon themselves precisely because NOAA and EPA are MIA).

But it is just DISGUSTING -- SICKENING really -- that people like Dardar and Arnesen have been put in a position where they feel that they HAVE to do the work, because they know full well that if they do not, NO ONE will (certainly not anyone from EPA or NOAA).

If Horatio worked for one of those two organizations right now, he would actually feel deep SHAME.

Their failure to do what is necessary to monitor and protect the Gulf in this case is a HUGE embarrassment for NOAA and EPA, particulalry given that NOAA has a budget of over $5 billion dollars a year while EPA gets about TWICE that.