Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stephanie Grace goes crumb'smudgin for Cedric Richmond, attacks local blogger American Zombie
~Last Sunday, after Richmond unveiled a televised endorsement from President Barack Obama, Cao argued that the president needs not only to know about the proven infractions, but also that "one investigation involves public funds he steered to his girlfriend, which resulted in a criminal investigation."
Yet when asked, Cao supplied no evidence of wrongdoing on Richmond's part, other than to point to a blog, The American Zombie, that offers a lot of smoke but nothing like a smoking gun implicating Richmond in any criminality.

Saints-Cardinals Preview~WWL

Enrollments rise at many local colleges, but falter at UNO, Holy Cross

UNO to dedicate "Katrina" memorial
~Editilla Rotellas~ Not a WORD about the failed Federal levees or subsequent Flooding of the campus and entire city of New Orleans 8/29/05.
If UNO continues failing to note the difference between Man-Made Disaster (Flood of New Orleans) and Natural Disaster (Katrina that struck MS), then how do they expect to survive the real surge onslaught on their existence from LSU? Well? One man's made disaster is another man's ignorance of cause and effect.

What's wrong with this story's picture?
~"Road Home could be smoothed by court rulings" Because Mark and Romy Samuels had jobs and insurance on their Gentilly home that was totaled by Hurricane Katrina’s flooding, they got nothing from the Road Home. There are nearly 25,000 families like the Samuelses who got grants to rebuild their storm-damaged properties based on the property value, rather than the estimated cost of repairing the damage.
~Editilla Rotellas~ What's wrong with this picture is that KATRINA DIDN'T FLOOD NEW ORLEANS 8/29/05. Even our fav Mayor Mitch'mo now refers to it as "Katrina's Damage." Has he become so politically confused by backing Cedric Richmond that he forgets that the US Federal Government flooded New Orleans and NOT Katrina? Is this what they call Politicked Off?


'Terry stops' of 'suspicious' people are a focus under New Orleans police chief Serpas~Laura Maggi

Cornerstones of the improved foundation for New Orleans’ criminal justice system: DA Cannizzaro
~lunanola, NOLAFemmes

Big Public Oil Spill Forum At Loyola University Today~Alexander Higgins

What’s Really Happening Down on the Gulf Coast? Gap Between What Local Residents Are Reporting and Accounts from Outside “Experts” Clouds Truth
~Stuart Smith

Louisiana, Texas and Florida Lawyers to Lead Plaintiffs in BP Spill Suits ~Bloomberg

Spill hasn't risen to campaign forefront ~Houston Chronicle

Hunters' complaints about upcoming duck season premature~Bab Marshall

From the heart: Yeah, I got one, so?! ~Disenfranchised Citizen

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Sheryl St. Germain will discuss her published collections

Where We Know:
New Orleans as Home

An Intercultural Marriage ~NOLAFemmes

Prince of Wales Second Line Parade
~Red Cotton, Gambit

~Also~ See this Great Route Map from Uptown Messenger

GentillyFest, Carnaval Latino all on tap today in New Orleans

Wynton Marsalis brings music, message to Cuba~Paul Haven

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