Friday, January 14, 2011

Nola Is You

Judge allows 17th Street Canal homeowners to seek relief in federal court
~Press release~Homeowners on the 17th Street Canal who sued the South East Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East were pleased with the court’s ruling today. While Judge Kern Reese denied the plaintiff’s request for an injunction, he also voided his original judgment, thus opening the path for the property owners to amend their lawsuit to include the Army Corps of Engineers and to continue their case in federal court.
At the end of the hearing, Judge Reese had some positive words for the homeowners. He said he felt they had been wronged, and that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was using the levee board to avoid compensating for private property loss and damage.
Judge Reese said he was encouraged by people who are willing to stand up and not allow their rights to be violated.
“We all are in favor of hurricane protection,” said Randy Smith, the attorney representing the homeowners “We should all also be in favor of maintaining the constitutional guarantee of just compensation for the taking of private property.” Smith said he will amend the lawsuit to include the Corps of Engineers.
The case will then move to federal court.

Good Luck Oliver~Cliff's Crib

Ed Blakely, failed New Orleans recovery chief, offers Australians advice on rebuilding Brisbane

Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez ~slabbed

On Louisiana Coast, Damage From Oil Goes Much Deeper Than Spill
~Chris Kirkham

Boustany announces $350,000 for marsh restoration in Horseshoe Lake

New supply boat launches amid uncertain market~Katherine Schmidt

First commercially-owned windmill unveiled in Mandeville
~Defend New Orleans

And now, a word from our sponsors… Five Days Version
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~First painting of 2011! "Elms at Altura Park"
acrylic on canvas, 22 x 33", $800 ~Polly Jackson

Cafeteria/Concessionaire Services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District

Levee safety standards in the U.S.
~Dry Feet

California's "Big One" might be a flood
~California has more risk of catastrophic storms than any other region in the country – even the Southern hurricane states, according to a new study released Thursday by the USGS.

“When White People Are Here, We Can Get Milk”~Mac McClelland

Making Connections in New Orleans

Tremé Under the Bridge Market

Drink Cult -- Meet Jeremy Shockey

The Beer Buddha's Beer Geeks Guide To Mardi Gras

French Quarter Festival 2011 expands to include Thursday

Mannie Fresh Seasoning Mystikal LP With New Orleans Flavor

~~ RT @ Big show: Tipitina's & WWOZ present @ + @

Editilla welcomes everyone to the New Zodiac,
the 13th House of Arachnid, Sign of the Black Widow!


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