Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility: Sowing the Seeds of Discord
~Disenfranchised Citizen

~Feinberg to hold afternoon meeting in Grand Isle

"Oil Spill Commission report could shape industry's future," some still foolishly believe
~ @ NOLAnews~ Sorry, this commission will have NO RELEVANCY with what is left of Obama's lame-duck presidency.

Mollusk Team’s Mission: Protecting the Future of the Oyster and Its Habitat

A Son of the Bayou, Torn Over the Shrimping Life~Amy Harmon
~Hat Tweet~

Gusman relied on experience (instead of hard data) in pushing case for bigger jail~Matt Davis, The Lens
~“It’s arrogant for the sheriff to suggest that he knows better than a nationally recognized expert, when his response shows he has no basis for the continued insistence on more beds,” Esman said. “His suggestion that it’s based on institutional knowledge is the same thing as him saying, essentially, that he’s making it up.”

Why So Many Crazy People Are Among Us~Harry Shearer
~The News Doesn't Sleep -- Except on Weekends

In Search of Progress in Haiti
~Mac McClelland

Louisianians observe 1811 slave revolt
~Edmund W. Lewis, Louisiana Weekly

Louis Wall builds~Defend New Orleans

BassMaster Classic in New Orleans

A Fleur de lis with a twist

We're Talking Salt and Pepper
~Blackened Out

Carnival Kickoff 2011
~Home of the Groove


Drake Toulouse said...

Coming to New Orleans next weekend... will ya be around? No Saints game obviously, but I would like to see GB beat Atlanta, you know, cause I really hate Atlanta...


Editilla said...

Looking for weekend of Jan 21st.