Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cairo: On the Eve of Destruction?
~American Zombie

Cairo mayor issues order for mandatory evacuation
~Pumps Stay Ahead of Last Night's Rainfall; River on Stand at Tiptonville, TN

Don't blast levee open, Missouri pleads to the Supreme Court as farming town is cleared of people

~May 1, 1886, became historic. On that day thousands of workers in the larger industrial cities poured into the streets, demanding eight hours.
About 340,000 took part in demonstrations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other places. Of these nearly 200,000 actually went out on strike. About 42,000 won the eight-hour day. Another 150,000 got a shorter day than they had had before.

~Editilla Solidellas~
Notice that New Orleans wasn't on the list. At about this time, rumor had it, the Bosses were the ones threatening to strike, desperate to do whatever it took to get the local workers to work even 8 hours labor!

Debunking the Bohemia Spillway myth ~James Gill

FEMA trailer residents face $800 monthly fine starting today
~Michelle Krupa

Oil tax benefits back in political spotlight ~Katerine Schmidt

~From the series: "Porches in the Hood"~Polly Jackson

Fontainebleau State Park
~Judy B, NOLAFemmes

Jazz Fest Day 2 Photos ~Gambit

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