Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The New Orleans Levee's Road Home to Best Picture of the Year
~Hollywood, it seems, has found what many in New Orleans and Louisiana have known for some time now – what happens in New Orleans and Louisiana seems to wind up happening in the rest of the country next. What else can possibly explain Tinseltown’s fascination with filming here?
Sure, some might point to the massive tax credits filmmakers get to shoot in a place with remarkable locations, but given the themes of many of Oscar’s best picture nominees this year, it seems undeniable that Hollywood has found that New Orleans serves as a microcosm for the rest of the nation these days. With that in mind, The Levee again this year handicaps the choices for best picture, provides a synopsis of the nominees and, at the end, we reveal our choice for best picture of the year.

John Barry discusses previously unreported details on London Avenue and 17th Street Canal breaches

Jindal gives $10M for Morganza
~Tri Parish Times

Terrebonne flood threat rises

~Nikki Buskey

Rising river raises channel concerns

Dixie Brewery's structural integrity under review ~WVUE

The King is dead. Long live the Kingram ~moosedenied

Well Hello~Hungry Termite

Controversy Dogs ‘Treme’
~birds, bark, leaves and lizards

Wednesday Music: Rated Z for Frank Zappa! ~Slabbed

New Orleans Air Show and its death-defying stunts this weekend

Chaz Fest 2011 Today!

Marcia Ball today at Lafayette Park

The Fortin Street Stage, JazzFest From the Front Porch~Mark Folse

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