Monday, May 2, 2011

City of New Orleans, Editilla returns.
I am posting the Ladder for the 1st time online on the train via Verizon VCAccess thru my Android phone. Such capability is a game changer in my relationship to Rail Transit. This is the way to go, but we can do better. Still, here we are watching the flooded farmland race by as we show it to our Gentle'rillas. It's been a long time coming y'all know. You've heard all about it right heah.
Thus begins my true journey home to work on Piety House, or House of Piety... my new 100+ year old duplex in the bywater. I got it at a foreclosure auction in Jan. Don't worry, no old ladies were harmed in the making of this mortgage. I will be chronicling the restoration on a blog soon, but for now we plan to just swing the crowbar this week and get into the bones.

I'd vowed to not move back, unless I could drive away from the next Flood. I haven't had a Driver's License in nearly 20 years. I just don't really drive, and hence have developed a working knowledge of this particular train and sites along the way. I know where Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahachie Bridge. We roll over farmland that my grandfather bought and sold back when the river flooded this Delta in 1927. Yes, THAT flood.
~I've taken the Train from Memphis to New Orleans probably a hundred times, since The Flood easily25-30. I've never seen such water across the delta as on this trip today. Every creek and river is swollen to the brim. Above, 7am flooded farmland just south of Memphis.
~Breakfast near Greenwood, MS.

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Ima Wizer said...

Yippee! Can't wait to see the progress on Piety House!