Monday, July 25, 2011

Concern remains over Corps levees filled with trash, construction debris

E-mails show Corps of Engineers ignored flood warnings
~Ah, those pesky emails! <~Hat tip to Sandy Rosenthal at

Gulf Coast claimants want Special Master for Ken Feinberg

Is BP’s Macondo Well Site Still Leaking? Fresh Oil on the Gulf Raises Concerns and Haunting Memories
~Stuart Smith

National Call-In Day for a Healthy Gulf
~Gulf Restoration Network

Tomorrow Treasurer Kennedy Invites Public Comment on the UMC

NOPD approach to lesser crimes questioned by those focusing on murder rate

Two Eris Parade arrestees ask for “vague” charges against them to be quashed~Matt Davis, The Lens

~Hat Tweet BywaterNeighborAssoc~Meeting tonight re: the Colton School building Recovery School District Superintendent John White will be hosting...

Projects compete for funds as final capital outlay list to be ready in October

I’m getting stupid loose~moosedenied

~A sailboat heads toward New Orleans as a rainbow appears over Lake Pontchartrain Saturday evening as a pop up shower passes northeast of New Orleans July 23, 2011. Photo by David Grunfeld, Times-Picayune

Happy Anniversary Calliope Street!

Introducing: Abita Beer In Cans!

Tales of the Cocktail Wrap: Boozy Awards, Ron Jeremy Sightings, and Major Headaches~Todd A. Price

Pontchartrain Pete: the Embittering Ends

Do Wild-Caught Louisiana Shrimp Taste Better?

Cream Cheese Pecan Pie by Tee Eva’s Old Fashion Pralines And Pies

Summer to Fall Transition
~Slow South Style

10 Essential Delta Blues – My Black Mama~Robert Frost's Banjo

Exhibit Spotlights Mardi Gras Indians

Thirteenth Annual Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame Memorial, Induction and Awards Ceremony~Humid Beings

Open Ears Music Series brings new sounds to Frenchmen Street
~Chris Waddington

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