Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Invest 90L
~90L has moved west overnight and looks ripe to develop today. While the upper level circulation (500 mb) is very much displaced, the lower level circulation looks strong and coherent through the system's mid-levels (850 and 700 mb). Thunderstorm activity continues to organize, and it appears that a surface circulation is developing. Moisture remains high in the system (around 4.5 g/kg specific humidity) and wind shear should be somewhat favorable as it crosses through the Gulf of Mexico. In terms of track, the statistical models have generally been favoring a Brownsville landfall scenario, but the dynamical models have been inching north over the past day or so. The HWRF is in line with the ECMWF deterministic today, with landfall near Corpus Christi.

Overmedicating young inmates called chemical restraint
~Matt Davis, The Lens

All that lovely money makes us bad and rare~Library Chronicles

Even a pedophile doesn’t enjoy this kind of ball squeeze: A molestin’ Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin update ~Slabbed

Recusal policy sheds light on ties between oil industry and government

Edwin Edwards' wedding to be performed by LA Supreme Court Chief Justice

~Hat Tweet ~Congratulations! RT It's Grand Opening day & we're fired up! was on

'The New Atlantis' chronicles N.O. musicians' struggle to keep culture afloat after Federal Flood of '05
~Allison Fensterstock

New Orleans Hip-Hop Pioneer Tim Smooth Dead at 39

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