Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corps officials whine about surprise inspections, after debris is found in their levees
~Monday, corps officials pointed out, the Westwego levee is still under construction, and some areas analyzed could have been cleared of debris after inspectors left. They said spot inspections often lack proper context.
~Editilla Yeah'Wellas~ "...could have been" being the operative child's feint.
~Also~Flood authority says without action on West Bank levee, consequences could be dire

Red Ink Superman~Library Chronicles

Edwin Edwards to wed grand daughter Friday~Well, she's someone's grand daughter!

Summer Interview Series (Part Six): Andrew Tuozzolo

GOP…if not the economy, the environment…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Gulf oil spill victims weary for payouts

Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo weighmaster to retire
~Bob Marshall

The Beer Buddha's take on Abita Cans

Best After Midnight Food in NOLA
~Invade Nola

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