Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Despite commandeering boats, officials losing island oil battle in Barataria Bay
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

BP oil collection ramps up; so do claims questions
~BP hit by doubts over ability to pay for costs of oil spill
Company Says It's Burned More Than 4 Million Gallons of Oil So Far; Louisianans Demand More Oversight

Who Really Owns the Gulf of Mexico?~Mother Jones
Just in case you're wondering...BP doesn't give a nutria's ass about Louisiana.
This oil for the most part goes to Texas.

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Doomed Pelicans: British Petroleum Neglecting Booms in Pelican Rookery
~Georgianne Neinaber

Photos of oil-soaked suffocating pelicans drifting in pools of oil from the British Petroleum oil disaster have become a heartbreaking symbol of the environmental catastrophe that is assaulting the Gulf of Mexico and coastal communities. The last thing on this writer's mind was photographing more of the same.
~~Pics and video shot by Georgianne Neinaber

The focus of this latest trip to a beloved Louisiana Coast was going to be the region's people and a threatened, unique society.
Then a call came in from Grand Isle, Louisiana, on Monday night. Fishermen were concerned, and the charter captain said there was "something you should see," on Queen Bess (Bird) Island.
The 7.5 acre island lays NNE of Grand Isle in Barataria Bay.

~But Ivor van Heerden said this is all "OVERSTATED"!
But! But! Ivor Van Heerden said not to worry!!!
The Man Behind the (oil) Curtain
-- by Horatio Algeranon

"The oil impacts are overstated"
The pelicans quite overrated.
Van Heerden said to NPR
"The oil doesn't go that far"
"It's on the surface", says PunxsuTony
The scientists are full of baloney
"There are no oil plumes below"
I dove down there myself, you know.
The oil flow is just a leak,
That they are plugging as we speak.
There's really nothing here to see,
"Move on" said the Wizard from BP.

Time for some good news:
Mr. Okra's sweet new ride
~Kakren Dalton-Beninato

June 10-12: States Participate in “Dine Out For The Gulf” ~NOLAFemmes

~We recommend watching this Screen FULL, Music LOUD.
It says it all for me right now, and we hope y'all as well.
Get Down!Get Back Up Again!

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