Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our New Orleans Saints rally, lift oil-dampened spirits in Plaquemines Parish
~Fans await the arrival of our New Orleans Saints in Buras, La.
~Happy New Orleans Saints fans are reflected in the Lombardi Trophy as Gov. Bobby Jindal and quarterback Drew Brees talk at right during the Saints Rally to Support Coastal Louisiana on Tuesday at the Fort Jackson Wildlife Center in Buras, Louisiana.
“The most important lessons we can take from the Saints victory are two-fold.
First, that with hard work and perseverance, the people of Louisiana can overcome anything.

We are world champions- and nobody can keep us down. And secondly, we’re going to come back better than we were before.”
~Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Delisted and in danger: BP Oil Crime threatens brown pelicans months after they are dropped from endangered species list

Scientists seek oil clues as concentrations confirmed deep in Gulf~Sandy Davis

Mitch'Mo, figuring out life jacket calls for checks on drilling moratorium
Mitch Landrieu, far right, is fitted Saturday for water wings.
Governor Bobby Jindal, at left, don'need no stinking wings.
He chopper down...
wit'da edge of his hands.

Advocate Erin Brockovich visits bayou families
~Fisheries openings and closings announced in Terrebonne

LeveesOrg to speak at conference and lead tour

Why the BP Oil Crime is an environmental and human health disaster
~Boonsri Dickinson

AP finds energy ties in Gulf judges’ financial disclosures
~“Thirty-seven of the 64 active or senior judges in key Gulf Coast districts in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida have links to oil, gas and related energy industries, including some who own stocks or bonds in BP PLC, Halliburton or Transocean — and others who regularly list receiving royalties from oil- and gas-production wells, according to the reports judges must file each year. The AP reviewed 2008 disclosure forms, the most recent available.

Slicked and Slabbed Part 4: Slabbed calls bullsh*t on the sand berm scheme. BP is being fleeced to no good end.
And the Tilla'Girls say...

Seafood group debuts website for oil spill concerns

Bhopal and the BP Oil Spill:
A Tale of Two Disasters
~Madhur Singh

Inclinometer ~Monkeyfister

BP's Equal Opportunity Screw
~Florida Gov. Crist reminded Fryar that BP paid out $1.5 billion in dividends to stockholders in the last quarter and was ``the fourth largest corporation on the planet.'' He agreed the BP claims process was ``unacceptable'' and demanded that it expand the number of claims offices in the state from 8 to 30, one in each county bordering the Gulf of Mexico.


Horatio Algeranon said...

The Man Behind the (oil) Curtain
-- by Horatio Algeranon

"The oil impacts are overstated"
The pelicans quite overrated.
Van Heerden said to NPR
"The oil doesn't go that far"
"It's on the surface", says PunxsuTony
The scientists are full of baloney
"There are no oil plumes below"
I dove down there myself, you know.
The oil flow is just a leak,
That they are plugging as we speak.
There's really nothing here to see,
"Move on" said the Wizard from BP.

PunxsuTony Hayward just came out of his burrow and did not see his shadow (Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen), which means, of course, that the oil disaster is over.


Editilla said...

Thanks youz, Ho!

Anonymous said...

Do you know of any good non-profits working to take care of the wildlife that's been affected? I can't go down there to help but I would at least like to donate to help. Damn BP.

Editilla said...

Gulf Restoration Network

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Thank you for asking!

Editilla said...

Also, fang down our Right-side masthead for some other groups like America's Wetlands and Voice of the Wetlands. Just click'da pic.

Editilla said...

And we mustn't forget the Dirty Coast "Make Wetlands Not Oil" T-shirts to benefit the United Fishermans Assn:

Mac said...

Editilla, have you seen these two videos, Part 1 and Part 2 of "Media Blackout and Arrests taking place at the Gulf":