Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are with you: An insulting satire by BP'resident Obama
~Editilla retartellas~ Pre-coffee, first thing this morning,
in the crystal vajra anger of a chain-gang sunrise
~Notella~It is patently obvious to us that whoever wrote this fey propaganda screed doesn't believe a word of it either.
Hence their reminder:
"Barack Obama is president."

Oh? Thus, a punked and junked sack boy for grocery clerks? Nothing brings out da'Nasty quicker than da'Hubris of Step'n'Fetchit.
Mr. President, you don't have to insult us.
This Guest Editorial you did yesterday in the Times Picayune is absolutely ludicrous.
I honestly thought it was a Satire piece until getting to the phone numbers: -- 1-800-440-0858
And this gem: Anyone having trouble with BP should call the Coast Guard at 1-800-280-7118
Mr President, YOU should try calling these numbers, but not as the boss. Try calling them as one of us.
You gotta be kidding. At least stop insulting our intelligence.
So, at every turn you turn this country over to the people who are attacking us, BP, for our redress and recovery.
Handing the American people off to BP Is Not Taking Charge. You have chosen to protect BP by allowing them to control our recovery from their attack.
Please remove Thad Allen. No one but you seems to believe a word he says, not even Tony Fey Hayward.
Mr President, every time you do something so stupid like this Guest Editorial in the local papers, you are showing us how little you actually control.
BP has this show, and your administration, in the pocket.
Is there any way you could step aside and appoint Biden, or Hillary Clinton take charge of this attack on our shores?

~But Ivor van Heerden said this is all "OVERSTATED"!
~Editilla gotta axe~
Is it as much what is left UNSAID?

[Breaking In]
NYC Mayor Michael Plumeberg Bends Over,
Splits Cheerleader for BP Bosses

~Pensacola Pass Closure Announced

Oil in the Gulf: Incessant and uncontrolled~Amy Wold
~Kennedy to Jindal: Prepare for BP bankruptcy
~facingsouth RT @BPOilNews: Tony Hayward warns top BP investors it's 'likely' to suspend dividend

~GRAND ISLE, La.~ They are not selling many fried Snickers bars à la mode these days at the Kickin Chicken restaurant here, located by a wide, sandy beach that is now off limits to swimmers because of the oil spill. So its owners are going after different customers, with the help of a roadside sign: “Disaster Catering Available! Let’s Talk.” Click to enlarge.

~But! Butttt! What Would Ivor Say? WWIS???

Sand berm construction set to begin to block oil from Gulf of Mexico spill~Mark Schleifstein

Bobby’s Focus
~Clancy Dubos, Gambit

~In the face of the worst environmental disaster in American history lapping at Louisiana’s fragile coastline, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration has been working feverishly — trying to hire expensive, out-of-state lawyers to represent the state against BP in court.

Why we must try to save oiled birds~David Mizejewski

~BPGlobalPR If we can't sell these free $25 dollar "bpcares" t-shirts we are throwing them in the ocean.

Workers treated after boat strikes a natural-gas rig

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