Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil spill sickens 71 people so far ~Nikki Buskey
~But Ivor van Heerden said this is all "OVERSTATED"!
~~What say youz? Agree with the e'steamed scientist?
After axing him to answer, and receiving a vetted drop-kick, Editilla is giving Van Heerden this week's grace, then we shall pose that simple question to each of his supporters.
~BP Coast Guard PR to hold show'n'tells in Houma

As BP promised, the walruses are fine~Stephanie Grace

Center works to clean up birds ~Amy Wold
~“The bird activity is increasing quite considerably,” said James LaCour, wildlife veterinarian with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Not only is the center seeing more birds, he said, but the birds that are coming in are more heavily oiled.

Red tape vexes Gulf residents seeking BP payments
~The reefs that David Walter makes for anglers to drop into the Gulf of Mexico are fake, but his frustration as he tries to win compensation from BP for lost income is real. State regulators stopped issuing permits for the reefs on May 4 because of the oil spill, effectively killing off $350,000 in Walter's expected business. It sent him into a labyrinth of archived invoices and documents lost by BP. Finally, an offer came: $5,000.

Oil spill forecasts: Take them with a grain of salt water
~Houston Chronicle

~Photo-like satellite images are not a perfect tool for detecting oil on the surface of water. Outside of the sunglint area (the part of the satellite image where the mirror-like reflection of the Sun is blurred into a wide, washed out strip by waves), the oil may be imperceptible against the dark background of the water. Scientists and disaster responders in the Gulf are combining photo-like satellite images and aircraft and shipboard observations with weather and ocean current models to predict the spread of oil. Updated images are being added to NASA's website twice daily. This one from Wednesday shows the slick off the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts.

Taking On the Gulf Oil Spill With Kites and Cameras

Hands Across the Sand
is coming to Your beach June 26

Telamar: A Honduran restaurant with Central American soul
~Ian McNulty, Gambit

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