Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Judge Blocks Drilling Moratorium, WH To Appeal
~Update: Salazar To Impose Drilling Moratorium Despite Court Ruling ~BBuzz

Federal Judge who blocked Drilling Moratorium is a Shareholder of Transocean!

Oil execs close ranks behind BP, slam drilling ban

Oil Disaster lawsuit-financing question needs to be addressed

State reports oil from Gulf spill in St. Bernard, Plaquemines parishes today
~This is pretty valiant Google Mash by the State of Louisiana, yet they base it on NOAA erroneous, BP-biased oil forecasts maps. Also, I'm having trouble opening the State File and I've got a pretty good set-up. Citizens with less than what I use are surely at a disadvantage. As Gentle'rillas know, we posted these NOAA maps every day until it became obvious they were Not Accurate and biased toward covering for BP Liability. Our Governor was sticking his hands in oil while these maps from NOAA had the oil out to sea with Kindergarten Cartoons.
What's the point in having Information that is Hard To Access?

~Oil clouds the surface of Barataria Bay June 19 near Port Sulpher, Louisiana ~Boston Globe

No Bodies, No Evidence, No fines: BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive ~Humid Beings

BP reassures over Russian, North Sea assets

As Dead Animals Pile Up, BP Tries to Wipe Up Oil Slick With Paper Towels

BP Magazine Discovers Bright Side to Oil Spill~Benoit Faucon

BP now says spill just a drill
~The New Orleans Levee

Defense Sec Gates Blames State Governors on National Guard Deployments

Oil spill also puts mental health at risk

50 Statistics about the U.S. Economy that Are Almost too Crazy to Believe~Coto Report

Media Myths Busted on Katrina, Nixon, MacCarthy~Carol Forsloff

'Without the spirit of the people who live there and take care of the city and honor its traditions, its love for music, its love for life, take those people out and you don’t have why I love New Orleans so much.' ~Sandra Bullock

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