Sunday, June 20, 2010

We take the lead in this war ~Governor Bobby Jindal

Cultural Destroyers
~Clancy Dubos, Gambit

~The yacht "Bob" owned by BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward, sails during the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race, Saturday June 19, 2010, near Cowes, Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. Spokeswoman Sheila Williams said Hayward took time off his duties handling the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico to see his boat participate in Saturday's race.

"Bob" finished fourth in its group. It was not clear whether Hayward took part in the race or attended as a spectator. The boat, made 10 years ago by the Annapolis, Md.-based boat builder Farr Yacht Design, lists for nearly $700,000, and comes with a dopplegangbanger altar'twin named "Weave". Enlarge->
{Special Thanks to Ladderilla Ho'Respondent Horatio Algeranon for uncovering Tony Fey Hayward's secret "Bob and Weave."}{Editilla calls that So Double Slick!:}
Meanwhile, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed a round of golf Saturday near Washington, something they've done on other weekends since the spill.
Obama used daughter Sasha's Pink Presidentent Barbie Phone to give Tony Fey Hayward a Happy Talk Call on his finally taking a break the 2Mo Anniversary of His Company's Oil Crime and Devastation In Our Gulf. Tony Fey made sure to let Sasha know that he and her Daddy are "Buggerin-erruh- Plugging That Hole."

BP document: Worst-case scenario -- 4.2 million gallons daily in Gulf ~CNN
~Markey said the document "raises very troubling questions about what BP knew and when they knew it."

Latest Gulf oil spill forecast: Coastal regions from Dauphin Island to Panama City still threatened

‘Last hope’ of relief well not guaranteed to work
~Sandy Davis

A Reality Check
~My Wild Louisiana

New Photos Show Oil-Soaked Dolphins Struggling in Barataria Bay Louisiana
~Georgianne Neinaber

WHOI Participates in Meeting Aimed at Finding Solutions to Control or Stop Oil Spill at behest of James Cameron

BPGlobalPR We've started gathering and burning these free $25 "bp cares" shirts. Take that @healthygulf.

SLABBEDblog Pass it on: "A Thoroughly Enjoyable and Inexpensive Way to Help Those Injured by the Gulf Oil Spill":

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Rahm Emanuel shines da'assface politicates: "Look at me Not The President! Watch the Birdie! GOP = Bad Perps! Fear the GOP this Fall after Obama's Black Hole has Eructed another 150M gallons of British Petroleum! --and FYI: Well Not Collapsing!"

The Oil Drum

Trim the ‘Experts,’ Trust the Locals ~Redneck Engineer

BP threatens partner Anadarko with legal action

A hole in the world~Naomi Klein
~Hat Tip~OpEdNews

Seafood safety concerns take toll in restaurants nationwide
~Brett Anderson

Iowa museum alters Gulf exhibit for oil spill

92L drenches Puerto Rico, and could develop into a TD by Wednesday ~Wunderblog
~Visible satellite image from NASA's MODIS instrument of the BP oil crime from Friday, June 18, in which it takes on the image: Horses of the Apocalypse about to trample over Panama City.
~Visible satellite image from NASA's MODIS instrument of the BP oil crime from Saturday, June 19 ~Wunderblog

Slabbed goes under the covers and plunges into USA v Maier: Judge Lemelle declares open season on the Canal Street Madam’s “black book”. Is the specualtion about Diaper David Vitter being a bad shot premature?

Tribe swears in its first new chief in 13 years ~Matthew Pleasant
~The United Houma Nation’s first new chief in more than a decade pledged during his Saturday inauguration to continue the tribe’s goal of gaining federal recognition and told tribal members to rely on their resilient nature during the oil spill.

DebCotton Father’s Day ( and Last of The Season)Second Line Parade w/ #TBCbrassband today 1-5pm #nola #neworleans #rollrollroll

Oak Street merchants hope to stuff corridor with visitors to new festival



Horatio Algeranon said...

Tony Hayward actually owns twin boats:

Bob and Weave

Editilla said...

WAY! Hahahahaha!
That's a Big Tally, Ho!