Monday, June 21, 2010

American Pie Party~ E Pluribus Piem

Tea Party Defends British Petroleum, Attacks Louisiana, Captures Mayor of Grand Isle
~Editilla Invitellas~The American Pie Party!
~We Believe In Just Desserts!
E Pluribus Piem!
Dissent as American as (drum roll) APPLE PIE!
BWAHAHAHAHA! Ok (whisper shhh:) here's what we can do...
When Sarah Palin returns to Louisiana to rally her fecesist fetish hordes and stir up their Outhouse Wind, we should all go to her Tea Party and throw her a big Pie Party! An American Pie Party!
Dozens of Pies In Her Face all at once! Mmmmmm Yes!!!
Treat that Piece of Handmaiden's Tail to her Just Desserts!

BP CEO Tony Hayward 'too busy' meet with oil tycoons, goes AWOL amid BP Oil Disaster
~Embattled BP PEO Tony Fey Hayward canceled his appearance at a meeting of international oil tycoons Tuesday and his firm wouldn't say where he was. The title of the speech Hayward was supposed to have given at the World National Oil Companies Congress in London: "Key roles and responsibilities of international oil companies in an age of uncertainty."

Northshore vigilance against oil spill continues ~WWL

Oil Coating Seafloor, Killing Fish, Crabs and the American Dream ~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly


Anonymous said...

There's no sense in wasting a good dessert on Sarah Palin.

Unless of course that pie happens to be tarball ala mode.

Editilla said...

HA! I had that problem with using Hubig Pies.
You just can't talk someone into tossing a Hubig.
We can make our own pies real cheap, they don't have to be Good Pies.
Mmmwwaahahahaha whew!
I'm working on a design for a Piet-a-pult!
Nah, The American Pie Party keeps the Good Pies for Da'Partay! HA!
Bad Pies for Bad Peoples!

Editilla said...

Look, I'm already getting phone calls about:
~Cow Pies-- for the Farmers
~Fried Pies --for the Freak Wing.
~Al Pieda-- hey, all you need is Pie!
~Fudge Pie-- for the ahem Fudgy Peoples...

All welcome in The American Pie Party!
All you need is Pie!
E Pluribus Piem