Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monitoring health of residents affected by Gulf oil spill is urged by experts~Aimee Miles

It was inevitable and now it is official. Oil has been spotted in the Mississippi Sound ~slabbed

Bird’s Eye View: BP Oil In Barataria Bay~GRN


Anonymous said...

Hey cher-thanks for your comment and miss yall too, been too down to blog lost my mojo, thank you for not giving up here-props. Gonna try to get something going on my sire tomorrow maybe.

Editilla said...

Hey Darlin'youz!
Yay! Well we just needed to hear Something from you.
Everyone is worried about the Bayou Childrens --and they big peacocks too!

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated, just holding on here ma sha tryin to keep the faith getting harder every day but we can't let them beat us, no.