Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Power of Radar ~SkyTruth
~Here's a great example of why radar is the go-to tool for mapping and monitoring oil pollution (and why I think the US needs to launch a civilian radar imaging satellite). The MODIS/Aqua satellite image taken yesterday afternoon is mostly obscured by heavy clouds over the area of the ongoing BP spill. But an Envisat/ASAR radar image taken the same day clearly shows oil slicks and sheen spread across 26,053 square miles.

Offshore drilling debate reveals lack of economic options in Gulf
~Facing South

Could the BP Spill Pave the Way for Green Jobs and a Sustainable Economy on the Gulf Coast?

Abita Beer debuts Abita S.O.S. — A Charitable Pilsner ~Gambit

Media dropped the ball on BP oil disaster in Gulf
~Roger Witherspoon

Government interest
~Library Chronicles

She is Satan's Handmaiden
~American Zombie

The Land of the Blind
~Citizen K

Midsummer Eve Dreams

~BPGlobalPR - @FireDogLake wants us to give our employees respirators. We want them to shut up. Sign the petition.

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