Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Babar Inspects New Skimmer Boat!
~MS Gov. Haley Babar inspected yesterday the first of what he said will soon be a vast fleet of 27 oil-skimmer boats and ponies and, and balloons for Mississippi! Also, the headjob of BP’s oil-disaster response visited the Coast.
Bo Dudley DoWrong, the winky new tubby in charge of BP’s oil response, told reporters the company was committed to the long-term devastation of the Gulf and South Mississippi
— a place he said he knows well from his days as a mounted corporate bat-boy.

Beaux Prince Tony Fey HeyVard visits home of top sovereign wealth fund

Reviled here, BP cost-cutters rewarded in the U.K.~James Gill

US Justice Dept seeks advance notice of any BP sales~Updata~BP has agreed to inform the United States government of major transactions that may affect the future shape of the company in the wake of the Gulf oil spill, a British paper reported Wednesday.

Big Oil fights tax, reaps Fed subsidies

BP Oil Gusher only the latest battle waged to protect Lake Pontchartrain ~Mark Schleifstein
~A pelican flies away from a channel marker in the Rigolets Tuesday, July 6.
~Photo: Scott Threlkeld, Times-Picayune

Quote of a Day~Library Chronicles
~"Switching from oil to ethanol to save the Gulf would be like switching from cheeseburgers to cocaine to save your heart."

“BP and anyone else underestimates coast residents at their own peril” ~slabbed

Request for Action for Resilient Gulf Coast ~Greater New Orleans

Deepwater oil likely didn't get here naturally, officials say
~Austin American-Statesman

Disposal of BP spill waste in Texas needs more public scrutiny, less Holy Divine Intervention

Thad Allen, BP Spokesman and 2nd Class Pouty'Mouth is coming to Houston for Production Update, Pep Talk, dinner with Beaux Prince Tony Fey HeyVard?

Does a River Need a Purpose?
~Caroline Pufalt
~Please also see: Quinta Scott's Weblog

Members of Congress should not prey on Katrina funds
~T-P editorial

53 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey ~NOLAFemmes

The Northeast Heatwave~Wunderblog

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