Monday, July 5, 2010

Coast Guard Media Liaison Works for BP's PR Agency~Georgianne Neinaber
~Astounding UPDATE!
~BP PR Succubette Rachael No'Joke Polish has sicked her fucking wimp husband (self-aggrandized) onto Georgianne Neinaber's Huff Post Comments to defend his (alleged) Wife's PR HOINTELPRO Spinfiltraition Conflict of Interests! Goddamn! Can you believe this?
Not only do we have to battle BP's ungodly PR Budget and BP's total infiltration of our Coast Guard...but we have to also face their Bizarre, Smarmy, Pusillanimous Chest-thumping, Pussy-whipped Spouses?
He even had the gall to leave his freaky phone number? Eeewwweee Dirty Nasty Strange!
"If anyone wants to know more about Petty Officer Rachel Polish (including you backhandpath)<(;That would be your Ho'So Humble Editilla!;) go ahead and give me a call at 415-717-1942 - that way I can help you get your facts straight." What? What?
Is this Punk gonna Dunk Editilla's Ass?

Hell Yeah! I'm in! Lemme'At'em! Lemmeeeee At'Emmmm! --'cept... I'm not calling this pervert on his freaky phone. Jeez Louie!
I'd rather slam my penis in a car door then run naked through a snake farm than give this Nameless Disaster Porn Star my phone number. Veeee haf other veys to make him talk. Mmwhahaha...silly meeses!
~Oh Snap! Here's Rachel No'Joke Polish talkin'da Crack! Thanks Yous, Gentle'rilla Reader Anon! Editilla cannot express the glee across our many selves in concert when Ladderillas take a post and Crunk It Up to'da N'th Degree!

~So! Our Nation has been taken-over by Goobers and Raisinettes!
But where does the Conflict of Interests stop? Rachael No'Joke Polish works for BP PR and yet she is allowed to Represent our Coast Guard too.
Who is paying this two-faced, double-dealing Succubette City Ho? Moi'n'Toi!
This would certainly explain why Admiral Thad The Impaler Allen has consistently spoken for BP even while disgracing the uniform of our formerly respected US Coast Guard.
~Special Thanks Masqued E'Vinga!
for the Illustration (at right) of this Wedding of Dantean Hellhounds

We interrupt this horrific blog'O'reamin to bring you some of the Other Work from our intrepid Masqued E'Vinga!
Jus'soz Ya'Knowz some peoples gotta life worth makin'a living.
~"View of Tijeras Canyon" finished today, 18 x 24", acrylic on canvas

~Thanks to Ladder'rilla Reporter and Known Media Felon In Drag Georgianne Neinaber for filing this Annulled Vegas Wedding Pic of Admiral Thad the Impaler Allen and the much younger Petty Officer Rachael No'Joke Polish. (left-riiiight-left:->)
Note da'sexy blue T-Shirt lingerie! Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase PR Embed eh? Coast Guard Public Affairs... Left-Riiiiiiiight-Left!

Is the Coast Guard working for the public or BP? ~T-Picayune Editorial
~Editilla Commentellas~It was definitely hard yesterday... celebrating our nation's founding and Independence in the face of overwhelming British Tyranny. Most of the other "major nations" of the time, including our allies, had us double-down and out. The only question about our piddly revolution was what land would be left for the taking on the cheap from our British Lords at the East India Company. But we begged to differ and used our beautiful, terrible land, time and again, to win our Independence from foreign lords. We used our sacred Ground to Manifest Our Sovereignty, and now we have lost control of our Sovereignty and our own American soil.
On this day we have handed to British Petroleum our National Identity as Owners of our Fate.
~They have taken our Beach Heads without firing a shot (yet).
~They have pirated our seas without taking a single vessel of our heroic Coast Guard
--we gave it to them!
~And, it appears that British Petroleum has effectively Neutralized our Congress, our Executive Branch and a good chunk of our Federal Judiciary. That is a fact in the US Fifth District at least.
~British Petroleum has single-handed eviscerated our First Amendment Right to Free Speech and Press as the alleged "4th Branch" of our Living Constitution now operates under threat of Felony Criminal Prosecution, Fines and Incarceration.
So on this Independence Day, our 234th as the First Nation of its own choosing, what were we celebrating again?
~Illustration: Colonist, Loyalist and The Devil.
~"From an American standpoint, this whole thing is ridiculous," said Cliff Tucker, a 63-year-old retired police officer. Like many in this town 30 miles south of New Orleans, he lives on a bayou just a short boat ride to the ocean. "When you lose your faith in the system," Tucker wonders, "then where do you go?"
~BPGlobalPR This 4th of July, I'd like to wish all Americans a very happy checkmate. ^Tony #1776 #bpcares

Coast Guard denies CNN Anderson Cooper's report on media restrictions
~Yobie Benjamin

Independence Postmortem:
A BP summer~Terri Troncale

Obama’s Louisiana Purchase ~LaCoastPost

Ivor van Heerden, the Compromised Cassandra of the Gulf
~Ben Sandmel, Politics Daily

~Many harsh critics of BP – including Leonard Bahr, a former Louisiana State University marine sciences faculty member and coastal policy adviser – vouch for Van Heerden without reservation, praising him as "well-respected."
But other observers disagree, especially those with more of a fringe perspective
(:?Fringe?Us?:). Last month the blogspot New Orleans Ladder commented "now that it appears that Ivor van Heerden is into the Jury-Tainting Business with BP, I sincerely hope that our readership may [serve on his jury] in his own case against LSU."
~Editilla Fringellates~ A few more of my past "Fringe Perspectives":
~"We have a toybox in Hell where we keep those words for just his sort of liaises fairer scientry."
~"But! But! What Would Ivor Say? WWIS????"
~"OVERSTATED"??? I still can't get my mind around that.
Ivor van Heerden...
I just can't do the et tu Judas thing.
But my sense of abject betrayal by someone I threw it all for is Nothing compared to the pain our coast will feel as a result of this bull shit. That is what really bothers me. The babies who will be born into this hell with defects, the grain belt stained by the blood of this black swan, our people with their 100 year stares. The Pelican, blinded by the gobs of oil that Van Heerden has said is only on "tens of miles" of coastline. The Devil is actually honest in the details.
This is another Contract all together."
It’s An “Unprecedented” Oil Blowout –Just Another Lie~Dave Marsh
~Hat Tip~Charolette

Submerged oil off Alabama coast poses dangers without immediate solutions
~Ben Raines
~Despite the commonly held belief that oil always floats, both the Press-Register and Alabama officials have documented oil on the seafloor of state waters in the wake of the BP Oil Gusher.

Study: Oil Spills Raise Arsenic Levels in the Ocean~Carol Forsloff, GHN

Accommodations planned for species that migrate ~Amy Wold
~“It’s an incredibly important place for us,” said Paul Schmidt, assistant director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service migratory bird program. “We’ve got waves of migrants, but it will begin in (mid-) July.” Approximately five million waterfowl will call the Gulf coastline home during the winter, which is a good proportion of the 40 million total waterfowl in the United States, he said. That’s in addition to the hundreds of millions of shorebirds, neotropical birds and other birds that either stop to winter along the coast or use it as a refueling station before continuing their migration farther south, Schmidt said. ~Click map to enlarge.

NOAA Forecasts Long-Term Threat To Coasts ~SkyTruth

Iowa Flood Updates

55 Days to Year 5:
A Photographic Journey


New Orleans Ladder said...

Editilla Notellas~We moved these comments over to herah from the post previous to betta'congrooviate the whole skinario ahem...

Anonymous said...
Rachel a different suit.

July 5, 2010 1:22 PM
Editilla said...
Thanks Anon!
It just doesn't get any better eh? Like...Abbey Haufman is writing the script and Burroughs is the Director of a movie filmed by Kafka while he is on Meth supplied by Orwell?
We got you hangin'5X5.

July 5, 2010 1:53 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
more rachel crack.... Btw my aka is meercat19. I post a bit on huffpost.

July 5, 2010 2:16 PM
Editilla said...
Oh yeah! You da'One who first outted this Ho'Dog in the first place! HA!
And then some Male Bondage Gimp came on saying he is her husband and if any'youz wanna know about Her then we'z can pick-up-da-phone and call Him! Halalalalalala Jesus fuck me wit'a Atom Bomb!
But never forget Nurse Wratchet!
These are her ill-gotten childrens! They infest the Internet like cyber-bedbugs! They have somehow taken over and we are in for some ITCH! Yaaaaaahahahahaha!
These Polish Jokes make The Girls of OPP look like girl scout cookies!

Editilla said...

Anonymous said...oops posted the wrong crack...sorry, so much bs to little time...I'll see if I can dig up the other post...but hey, the word is out now. Do a goggle search on "rachel polish" and pr conference. She is deep in the mud as we say on my coast.
July 5, 2010 2:30 PM

Editilla sayz~Ha! She axed for this. There is no crying in Public Relations!

K. said...

Don't we all want Van Heerden's assessment to be correct, no matter who one of his clients is? Van Heedrden was right about Katrina; maybe he's right about this.

Re the sand berms, Van Heerden has a point. I put 20 years of my life into the development of complex products. Software engineering and civil engineering are obviously different, but I'd bet the pre-meltdown value of my house that they share two principles: (1) If project advocates say it will take six months, count on at least twelve; (2) if it's never been tried, all bets are off. And I mean all bets: The project is at least as likely to be a futile, counterproductive boondoggle that never gets completed as it is to accomplish anything. And anything it does accomplish will in no way measure up to the promises made.

Bobby Jindal has deluded himself into thinking he can be president. Anything he says or does has to be considered through that filter.

Re the T-P and the BP image-building ads on every screen of the T-P website, they are absolutely correct in calling for media access. However, the editorial board might want to get its parochial head of its parochial ass and propose a solution that permits international media access without further endangering the marshes and wetlands. After all, we're talking about thousands of journalists from all over the world, not just the TP staff photographer. Or maybe they just want a guaranteed exclusive.