Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tar balls moving through Rigolets
~Bob Anderson
~Tar balls spread several miles west of Interstate 10 in Lake Pontchartrain on Wednesday, as more pollutants moved into the lake. After tar balls also showed up at Slidell, St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis asked for the immediate halt of use of dispersants at the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico offshore Louisiana, saying it causes the oil to submerge, leaving local officials fighting an “unseen enemy.”
He asked the National Incident Command to immediately halt use of dispersants, which causes the oil to travel under water. During a briefing Wednesday, retired U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander, said he’s not sure there is a link between dispersants and tar balls, but he would be happy to consult with an expert on the subject.
~And this from the Times-Picayune (Don't step in the BP Adverts!:)
In other words BP Sporker Thad Allen had No Answer, No Protection:
"Yeah, we'll get back to'Yaz! If'ya want, I'll even ask someone! What?"

~EDF_Louisiana Exceptions swallow the rule: "Rare cases" turn into daily approvals for dispersant use #oilspill #dispersants #BP #EPA

Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 80... 'Beach Polishing'~Gambit

Pelicans rescued from BP oil disaster make themselves at home in Tampa Bay

BP-Coast-Guard-Unified-Command Changes Name and Website AGAIN #7!
~In further futile efforts to ReBrand their Failing Message, BP Public Relations has erased any reference to the cause of this ongoing disaster from their Product Display Venue: their website is now named RestorTheGulf. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! What? Did the Well Stop Gushing?
BP Spokesman Thad Allen, aka: 'Thad The Impaler', 'Thaddy Boy', 'BPunk', 'Spinner-bait', disgraced former Commander of our now Unbelievable BP/US Coast Guard, announced the Product Roll-out at a much heralded presser.
In the meantime BP PR Proper BPPRP has ramped up the Expensive Flash Advertising in Every Online News Outlet On The Gulf --particularly You see that goddamn Oil Flower everywhere! Hell, we even found their phone number and logo scratched into every bathroom stall in the French Quarters. Call'em and you get someone named "Big Mouth".
As only idiots' wind blows from a ruptured well, we must endure BP Unified Command BPUC working the comments sections of journalists with Defensive Blogging Ops. As with any unstoppable ubiquitous pestilence, these Fakir Anti- Twitters of the Apocalypse buzz our ears like the breath of demons, the desolate sound of bloodthirsty horseflies on a hot Texas highway.
~johnmcquaid BP still has not learned the basic political technique of managing expectations #oilspill

CNN Demonstrates Absurdity of Accepting Government Statements on BP Oil Well Disaster at Face Value
~Jim White, FireDogLake

BP Oil Crimes, our US Coast Guard and the Perils of Losing Trust

Environmentalist Group and LA Independent Press find barriers to checking wildlife status
~Green Heritage News

No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster
~Dahr Jamail

"Concerning the 'Interview"~digby
~Hat Tweet~

BP to Resist Early Notice Of Asset Sales

BP Named The Fourth Most Profitable Company In The World

Becky Mowbray breaks down the 5th Circuit panel assigned to the drilling moratorium case. Slabbed provides some additional analysis.

Pensions weigh options from BP spill

Catch-and-release policy called no cure-all for oil spill's toll on marina business~Bob Marshall

Mississippi coast hit by tar mats 'size of school buses'

Under the sand, BP oil remains dirty secret hidden from easy cleanup

Texas Governor Crying Alligator Tears and Spitting Greasy BBs!

Jet-fuel dumping behind Tenn. crop damage blamed on BP spill
~Facing South

Second tropical depression of the season forms in Gulf of Mexico

52 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Old Earhart plan causes new concerns among neighbors on appropriateness
~Karen Gadbois, The Lens

Running of the NOLA Bulls~Gambit

Iving Mayfield Spotlights Local Groups Tonight: & Beacon of Hope!
~At Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse in the Royal Sonesta Hotel, we have launched “Playhour: Networking with Jazz,” a business networking happy hour every Thursday from 5-8pm. Aimed at emerging entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, business associations, non-profits, local companies and social networking organizations, Playhour is the crossroads where professionals are able to mingle, share ideas and socialize, all in the speakeasy setting of the Playhouse.


Demeur said...

BP and their minions (Thad Allen) have lied so much now that even if they did start to tell the truth nobody would believe them.

Horatio Algeranon said...

Polishing Beaches
-- by Horatio Algeranon

"Restore The Gulf" is not about speeches
But "Ponies & Balloons" and "polish-ing beaches".

A picture is worth a thousand words
So we must keep the focus off oiled birds

And on the beaches where children play
And northern tourists come to pay

Polishing beaches to a brilliant sheen
Free from tar balls, squeaky clean.

Bringing the beaches to a better state
From Florida to Louisiana...if it's not too late.

( or from Bermuda, if it is. ~@:> )

Ima Wizer said...

At this point I don't believe anything anyone says. They're all nuts. All greedy. All lying. All in it for themselves. They've killed the Gulf, plain and simple.

Editilla said...

Now Miza Wiza, don't hold back!
Hahahaha I'm wit'youz.

Editilla said...

Thanks Ho! We of course hung you top lede for today's early Ladder.

Demeur, you got dat'right. I think this is why they keep changing the Deepwater Horizion Unified Command Website, no on its 7th iteration with a New Name Too!
I mean... you can put arsenic in your lipstick and that pig is still gonna'be just as Dead eh?